Apple shows Keynote users more love with significant point update

“On April 1, 2014 – just a few days after I had presented on Keynote 6 at Macworld in San Francisco – Apple produced significant updates for its three versions of Keynote – MacOS, iOS and iCloud,” Les Posen writes for Les Posen’s Presentation Magic.

“In addition to new builds, a topic I will explore when I get back to Australia (I’m currently in LAX waiting my overnight flight), and some other features, its Presenter display has undergone a major improvement. It’s one that pushes Keynote 5 (and before) further into history, and hopefully is a forecaster of more significant changes to come,” Posen writes. “There are still some major holes in Keynote – missing Smart Builds, and some concerns about movies becoming distorted when they move, something I’ll delve into more detail next week. But at least now when you import a Keynote 5 file into 6, and there are incompatibilities, you get a more detailed listing so you can explore whether it’s worth the upgrade, or better to stay with Keynote 5, or rebuild your slidestack for Keynote 6”

Read more, and see the example videos, in the full article here.

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  1. It seems Apple has seen the light with the inconsiderate upgrade path they chose previously. I’m glad to see that the user now will get a warning about exactly what won’t work if they import files from the previous version. I still can’t believe that Apple actually did this. If the software isn’t ready, please keep working on it BEFORE you release it, Apple!

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