How Apple could become America’s most hated company

“Visit Canada and you’ll have an easier time finding BlackBerry devices — even Playbook tablets — out in the wild than you will Canadians who have anything nice to say about Rogers Communications and BCE, Inc. (formerly Bell Canada),” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“If you think Americans hate cable companies, just talk to Canadians about Rogers and Bell. The duo doesn’t just control cable in Canada, they combine to control a bunch of other ubiquitous stuff — from wireless and landlines to any radio/television stations and programs that matter to the Toronto Maple Leafs, among other major sports teams, venues and more,” Pendola writes. “Take Comcast, combine it with DIRECTV, Verizon, Madison Square Garden and Clear Channel and you’ll be close to expressing a U.S. version of the loathed Rogers-Bell combo.”

“Or — minus cries of monopoly and duopoly — maybe we only need to look to Facebook,” Pendola writes. “They’re building just as evil an empire. And the last thing we should do is suggest Apple do anything that even resembles likewise.”

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    1. Yes. According to the NY Times, Apple are worse than the Mongol Hordes, raping and pillaging Chinese children, laying waste to ebooks, stacking the skulls of freedom to the skies.
      TC is the new Genghis Khan, reviled throughout the land.

        1. Ah yes, you must be referring to our Glorious Leader, he who strikes fear and dread into the heart of Vladimir Putin. I wonder which is reviled the most.

          1. A lot of people love Putin hey you can’t best a good neo fascist in East Europe these days, a fervour few democrats (with a small d) can hope to match, no such blood lust from their supporters… Though the Tea Party did their best I guess.

  1. A Tim Cook legacy in the making. Admittedly, you won’t find but a few lost souls in the world of MDN, but more people today than ever before hate what is happening at Apple to Apple and it’s once great products. Tim will be remembered as the clueless CEO who let it happen by basically doing nothing except soaking up the love of his fellow directors who amass incalculable wealth while ordinary shareholders languish and flourishing in the admiration of lemmings who are lost in yesteryear. iCal this.

    1. Apple doesn’t care out shareholders, they care about making great gear that people want to lose. If you want something different as a shareholder, it’s time to invest in somebody else.

  2. I’d like to see Apple be a little more open. Making products so the customer can’t repair them I do not like. The iMacs are sealed now like an iPad and no reason for it. I would like to be able to mount iOS devices and write and copy to the device for pictures, etc not be locked into software that doesn’t exist and you don’t always have access too. Three year should be standard for the little bit of extra cost you pay for Apple products. I think they can bring the price a little lower for its customers to compete more and better price for their customers with the same quality. Apple says it builds the best products it can and doesn’t worry about quantity and marketshare. I agree with that, but I think they could add a few more options at times that are a given they are needed or wanted by customers.

    1. You ought to try working on late model cars. Can’t work on those engines without a expensive diagnostic console and training. That is the price of progress. You are welcome to buy and work on PC’s. Most people that buy Apple use them and don’t worry about tinkering.

      1. Thank you…that was exactly what I was going to say. Why would you buy a product that you know you will need to repair. The PC (not talking politically correct here) mentality!

  3. every time I work on a PC a little piece of my dies.

    They are truly garbage.

    the mircosoft interface is terrible. I had forgotten how bad it was. they made it worse and worse. In my 3 days of working on PCs last week I tried 7 and 8. I am not sure which was worse. They managed to crash on routine data archival tasks. Not so hot.

  4. The quality of Apple software has declined to such an extent that what was unthinkable before is now the norm.

    In trying to attract the dumb and clueless, Apple dumbed down iOS 7 and made it uglier than a toothless old crone. Way to sow hate not only externally but within folks who are within the Apple community.

    Ive is clueless when it comes to software design. A kindergarten kid could teach Ive a thing or two about design. iOS 7 is dreck.

    1. Quite the contrary, OS7 is fine, is demonstrably easier to use and more capable than OS6, and is getting better with each iteration. Moreover, Jonny is the world’s most famous designer and you’re a whining no-body; get over it!

      1. We’re talking about app icons, there only to distinguish each one from others doing possibly similar functions.
        Making a tiny 3D representation of a physical object just for the purposes of app identification is a waste of time and resources.
        I suggest you do a bit of research into the Bauhaus School, and Braun, Jony Ive’s source of inspiration.
        And get an education regarding what is appropriate design for purpose.

    2. Hang in there, Goat… you have taken on the world’s blindest lemmings who would not listen to ten angels swearing. Being among the few with a realistic, honest view of the things that have knocked Apple out of the sphere it once occupied alone, isn’t going to change these people who spend all day monitoring MDN. But, it somehow is a bit therapeutic and one day – and I think soon – change will come to Cupertino and hope will have finally emerged from the time of post-Jobs darkness.

  5. Take Comcast, combine it with DIRECTV, Verizon, Madison Square Garden and Clear Channel and you’ll be close to expressing a U.S. version of the loathed Rogers-Bell combo.

    He forgot Time Warner Cable, which has an even WORSE reputation than Comcast, deservedly so. And those two demented, abusive companies what to combine. Oh joy.

    And the last thing we should do is suggest Apple do anything that even resembles likewise.

    Hit whoring name dropping much? Sheesh. Obvious Duh Factor Apple shouldn’t turn parasitic. Any little kid using Apple gear could tell you that great gem of wisdom. 🙄

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