Apple to launch MacBook Air with Retina display, 12-inch iPad this year, sources say

“Apple will reportedly launch a MacBook Air with Retina display,” Aaron Lee and Adam Hwang report for DigiTimes, citing “Taiwan-based supply chain makers.”

“Apple will launch a large (around 12-inch) iPad in the second half of 2014,” Lee and Hwang report, “with Quanta Computer responsible for OEM production.”

Full article here.


    1. Apple could blend the two with common parts for specific purposes. I do agree it seems unlikely for production as a larger iPad. But packaged for a more professional use for engineering or media production could give it a niche with sufficient profit for Apple’s consideration.

  1. Always thought the 11″ MBA was a bit of a odd fish. Sort of Apple answer to the Netbook craze for underpowered, under spec portable notebooks for students.
    The original 12″ Al Macbook however was a really good portable – (not 16:9 either).
    I guess this sees the better demarkation between the 13″ pro and a retina based Air

  2. If they release an Apple 12 inch MacBook Air, we should expect the other laptop Mac’s to move up an inch in screen size. I have been told that the 14 inch laptop models sell well in China.

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