5 simple solutions to common Mac issues

“Most MacBook users are familiar with the Disk Not Ejected Properly notification,” Harry Guinness writes for Tuts+. “Getting an alert when you rip a USB key out while your still running Mac is one thing, but getting one after you delicately unplug your external hard drives from your sleeping Mac so that you can put it in your bag is a different story.”

“The issue is that OS X leaves external drives mounted during sleep mode, and gives no options to change that behavior,” Guinness writes. “Jettison is a lightweight app, available for $1.99 [from Apple’s Mac App Store], that solves this problem.”

“It lives in your menu bar and detects when your Mac is going to sleep. When it does, it unmounts all your external volumes. This means you can unplug your external drives without having to wake your Mac to eject them,” Guinness writes. “Even better, if you put your Mac to sleep but decide not to unplug everything, Jettison will remount them automatically.”

Much more (keeping your Mac awake, how to click without clicking, efficiently switching screen resolutions, and more) in the full article here.


    1. Common now! Every day a new baby is born. Every day someone turns 9 years old and gets their very own Mac instead of sharing the family PC.

      These advise columns may seem silly to us that have been around for 45+ years! but my mom is 75, uses her Mac every day, but I am sure doesn’t know these thing.

      So, please. Smile when these articles come out. Read them and contribute if you know a better way or something is incorrect.

      1. Just can’t imagine the pain & suffering you all have endured without these tidbits of knowledge.

        Happy for your mom but I somehow doubt she’s even interested in this kind of information.

        I’ll wager if a Mac user who went into a coma five-years ago was given a Macintosh today, they’d feel right at home with OS X, with very little learning curve.

    1. Jettison works fine. I got it free on early offer. I have a Mac in the bedroom with a slightly noisy old USB hard drive attached for backup. Putting the Mac to sleep, the drive is disconnected, it shuts up. It’s reconnected when the Mac wakes up. Not exactly a BFD.

  1. Wouldn’t the “World’s Most Advanced Operating System” be the one where you don’t need to eject a disk/thumb drive before disconnecting it like WinXP? It boggles the mind that Apple still can’t figure this one out.

      1. XP is not for everyone and I wouldn’t encourage any Mac user to adopt it, not even in a virtual setting but hey, to each his own right, arnold?

        So how’s that XP thingy working out for you? Are you concerned at all that Microshaft has pulled the plug on your beloved XP?


    1. Bob, clearly you’ve never done any work that requires you to link to assets on an external drive… the abrupt removal of which could be catastrophic if the data / disk is being actively written to at the time.

      What truly boggles the mind is how people can take their narrow, isolated point of view and just make the assumption that their reality is reflective of everyone’s.

      Your mode of thinking is as outdated as the operating system you so erroneously extoll.. WinXP… give me a fucking break.

      1. What truly boggles the mind is how people can take their narrow, isolated point of view and just make the assumption that their reality is reflective of everyone’s.

        There are a lot of people here who are former Windows users who wonder about such things. Bob may very well have left Windows XP for OS X only to find the same problem on the Mac platform.

        The way some people go on and on about how clever OS X is, it might surprise them to find OS X still hasn’t overcome this issue.

        What I find boggling is, OS X will let you eject a disc that is still writing to disk.

  2. I just want a way to KEEP my Mac in sleep mode.

    I have looked for setting for “waking” but can’t find. I want the thing to stay asleep until I press the ESC key. Not the mouse or trackpad or other key or LAN or anything.

    The thing keeps waking up in the middle of the night. And at that time, it’s like the sun has burst into the room the screen is so bright.

    1. There is a setting called, Wake for network access. which is located in the System Preferences>Energy Saver.

      If it’s checked, your Mac will wake periodically throughout the night to verify select settings, such as Set date and time automatically, or other “internet-related” activities.

      You might try unchecking it for the night. Hope this helps.

  3. And alternative to Caffeine: I’m using a freeware app called Caffe. It adds some nice bells and whistles beyond Caffeine, including manual timer for how long your Mac stays away. Very friendly developer.

    F.lux: I’ve played with it, but it’s mostly a solution in search of a problem. I make my own ColorSync profiles for various lighting conditions inside the Display System Preferences. F.lux isn’t exactly color management compliant. It’s also had some bugginess, although a recent update is receiving praise. As for it helping you sleep better: Um, huh? Again, a solution in search of a problem.

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