New York Times: Apple ad and Flight 370 headline an ‘unfortunate coincidence’

“The unfortunate juxtaposition of an Apple ad ending in an underwater scene on the homepage of The New York Times and a headline blaring ‘Malaysia Says Jet Went Down in Ocean’ persisted for several hours Monday, but eventually led to the ad’s removal,” Michael Sebastian reports for Advertising Age.

Sebastian reports, “A spokeswoman for the Times had this to say about the ad: ‘It was an unfortunate coincidence that this particular creative ran adjacent to that particular article. The ad was taken down by mutual agreement and we are still determining a resolution regarding placing the ad again.”

The ad and headline juxtaposition:

New York Times headline and Apple iPad Air ad

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Everybody’s “offended” about something these days and, if they’re not, they invent something to be offended about. By taking down the ad, Apple and the NYT mitigate their risk at the hands of the perpetually offended.

Ridiculous, insipid, rampant stupidity rules the day.

Humanity’s median intelligence is God’s cruel joke.


  1. For God’s sakes we have to stop over analyzing every little thing. What an uptight godamn world we have become. How is a commercial likely filmed l in a swimming pool connected to a plane crash? Get real.

  2. Being offended within some number of seconds is the current equivalent of naming a song within some number of notes.

    It works better identifying those best avoided rather than those worthy of attention.

  3. Some people seem to have almost made it their career, being publicly offended by as many innocuous things as possible, as loudly as possible. Just a particularly obnoxious form of narcissism.

  4. Has anyone else wondered why not a single person sent a text from the plane after it was in trouble? And did anyone attempt to use any location of their loved ones phones? Like Find Friends, etc? Would it have showed up or be dependent on plane electronics that may have been down?

    1. The cellular signal is not designed to reach up to planes but extend across the horizon. I’ve watched the signal drop on my phone on few of the hundred plus flights I’ve been on and above 2,000 feet service is gone.

  5. I have to say, I actually find that quite funny. Not the jet going down in the ocean and everyone dying bit of course, but the way the NYT’s ad department didn’t spot it.

  6. The flight crew might have used an iPad for their electronic flight bag so Apple is at fault.

    Some passengers might have been using iDevices with WiFi radios that, even if the FAA say they don’t effect the avionics might have brought the plane down so Apple is at fault.

    Apple has a lot of money so therefore Apple must be at fault.

    It is Tuesday so Apple must be at fault.

  7. Wait, who said anyone was offended by this? The link doesn’t mention anyone being offended. Did MDN just invent something for themselves to be offended by?

    Regarding the takedown of the ad, that seems to make sense. If Apple is going to spend a lot of money for ad placement, they are probably not going to want this unfortunate association. The juxtaposition itself is actually somewhat humorous, but also distracting from the power of the ad itself.

    1. Tim Cook (or someone at Apple) was probably offended. It was the ad that was taken down. It was the ad that was paid for by Apple. The offended party is obvious, isn’t it?

  8. MDN made up the whole story about how someone (anyone) possibly being offended caused them to take it down.

    The more likely reason is that the visual association with the headline was just an unfortunate coincidence, and the message, even subconsciously, could have been misinterpreted by readers.

    MDN took the wrong article to argue their specific beef with PC.

  9. Extra Terrestrials are behind this tragedy: only they have the superior intelligence to outwit the human species’ primitive technologies and knowledge base to carry out such a flawless escape. To where, and why? We still don’t have any proof or answers – until and unless we actually have a piece of the missing airplane in our humble little hands.

    1. Hahahaha! Good one 🙂

      But in case you’re actually being serious:
      Only aliens can outwit humans? What about other humans?

      Just because the answers aren’t available yet (publicly at least) doesn’t prove anything!
      Thanks for the laugh!

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