iPhone 6 may include temperature, pressure and humidity sensors

“Electronics analyst Sun Chang Xu reports on her Weibo account that the next iPhone may add a pressure, temperature and humidity sensor,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

G for Games relayed the report and points out that the “pressure” in this context is certainly atmospheric, not blood pressure,” Kim reports. “The addition of more sensors to the iPhone 6 seems a natural progression with all the recent reports that Apple has been aggressively hiring individuals in the area of health sensors. iOS 8 is said to include a Healthbook app which reports on many health related sensors.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hmm, if the new iPhone had temperature, pressure and humidity sensors in it and I kept my iPhone in my front pants pocket, I’d get the sensor readings of Hot, Hard and Sweaty…

    1. iPhone already has temperature sensors, and quite a lot of them. They are for internals, though. Measuring outer temperature from device that gets hot easily does not make much sense.

      As to humidity and pressure sensors, those are already used in some Android phones. Mostly useless gimmick, and they are not that accurate anyway.

      1. @ DeRS. Couldn’t agree more. Unless Apple can thermally decouple a temperature sensor from the phone itself, how can it be even remotely accurate? Then as already said, if the phone is in your pocket, in a car, in the sun etc, the temperature readings will be pretty useless. Same goes for humidity readings. Atmospheric pressure readings also seem to drift around on cheaper devices and in my experience need to be recalibrated every few days if they’re to be remotely accurate. As your phone always knows where it is, wouldn’t it be simpler for this information to be gleaned from your nearest weather station? Perhaps Apple wants this information for something new or if your iPhone is off-line, but having used numerous wearable devices with sensors of this kind built-in, I know how gimmicky and inaccurate they are. So, not likely I think, but I also know never to underestimate Apple to make something work!

    1. Obviously you never had migraines brought on by atmospheric pressure and humidity changes.

      What’s not important to one person is a life changer for others.

  2. I think Sun Chang Xu is just naming any sensors that spring to mind! Apple has been buying sensor companies, so yes the iPhone 6 will have more sensors. Name a sensor…

  3. I hope it also includes a bullshit detector. This would be very helpful when reading all of the Apple pundit and tech journalists pronouncements.

  4. why bother, we don’t need any of these informations, and if we do just get a relevant app. For the weather temp, the yahoo weather app is excellent. I wish this news is bogus and fake.

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