Apple is not building a TV, or maybe it is

“It’s long been rumored that Apple will eventually release its own television set, changing the way we watch television forever. However, a new book on Apple, Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, may tell a different story,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet. “Or it may not.”

“In the new book, written by former Wall Street Journal reporter, Iwatani Kane, Steve Jobs at his last top 100 meeting, (Apple holds meetings for its top 100 employees every year to discuss new products, a very secretive meeting), said that Apple would not be building a television, simply because the economics didn’t work,” Ciaccia writes. “‘TV is a terrible business,’ Jobs is quoted as saying. ‘They don’t turn over and the margins suck.’ Pretty damning comments, right? Not so fast, my friends.”

“Jobs was notorious for saying one thing in public, and doing another,” Ciaccia writes. “Just look at his stance on several of Apple’s biggest products: video iPod, iPad mini, iPhone, etc. In the past, he had damned all of these products in one way or another…”

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  1. Oh please.

    The convergence of computing and the choice of many has been to pull the plug on the BooTube and replace it with the Desktop.

    iMac pretty much could be seen as the SmarterTV. However Apple TV and iPad broke grounds in the homes of many as a fantastic entertainment service over cable tv. With that,
    iPad and Airplay have captured a place in peoples homes as the room to room computer appliance which combined with Apple TV – really as the direction for Apple to go.

    Apple does not need to make a 55 or 60 inch SmartTV – but impliment thunderbolt into the manufactures side.

    What Apple does needs to make; is a mind blowing Apple TV with an A7 and M7 and two thunderbolt ports unit. One port for the 4k displays and the other for hard drive space – games / apps / movies tv shows – then secretly add the ultimate PVR we all are waiting for.

  2. The difference is that Steve was talking to numbskull journalists and analysts when he said those things before. Assuming the TV quote is accurate, he said this to his most trusted confidants.

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