App crashes are down under iOS 7.1

“It’s been about a week since we all got iOS 7.1 and along with the lack of white screens of death it seems the OS also has some newly found stability for apps too,” TechRadar reports.

“According to performance monitoring firm Crittercism, the crash rate of apps running on iOS 7.1 has dipped to just 1.6-percent,” TechRadar reports. “It’s a small but noticeable improvement from the 2.1-percent rate of crashing apps on iOS 7. The research also shined a light how iOS 6.1 and iOS 6 were actually more prone to app crashes despite not having iOS 7’s known white or black screens of death.”

TechRadar reports, “Additionally the point one update has brought on some new tweaks including better Siri and TouchID intergration”

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  1. My FlickR app has become very slow on ios7, and even ios7.1 have not solved the problem. I have ios7.1 on my iPad 3 retina, and the safari is slow also compared to ios6. Regarding the ios7 and FlickR, the scrolling just stops and freezes and the touch functions takes a while to respond when the freeze happens. On my iPhone 4s, i have ios6 and it is leaguers better, the flickr scrolls and responds very smoothly. Someone i know with iphone4 have very slow internet since downloading ios7, with ios6 he had no problem.

    1. You should do a test. Make a backup in iTunes. Then use iTunes to erase and restore the iPad as new. Then put just that app back and test it. If it’s still slow then maybe that app needs updating by the developer. If you test it as new and you have no problems, then it’s something in your data slowing stuff down. You’ll have to add stuff back, a chunk at a time to find out what.

    2. Something is very wrong with your phone, because both 7 and even more so 7.1 are noticeably faster than 6X (7.1 is actually amazingly fast on iPhone 4’s!!!)
      The easy thing would be take the phone to the genus bar at an apple store, but if you can’t / won’t then, as praus suggested do a restore from iTunes (but remember to obey the warning and hit the “back up now” button before you do, so you can restore everything just as it was)

  2. – iOS 7 crashes more than iOS 6.
    – iOS 7.1 flakey WiFi connection that drops every half hour.
    – iOS 7.1 Safari crashes more often.
    – iOS 7.1 Remote app stopped recognising remote iTunes & Apple TV.
    – iOS 7.1 visuals are really bad.

        1. I hope you’re getting paid to write this crap – it would be hard for me to except the fact that there are people with this little of brain power on the planet. maybe you’ve been hit on the head a few too many times…? ouch then I would feel just terrible for you. its probably the latter! too bad… ;(

  3. Rock solid and noticeably faster in normal use, especially Touch ID. Only two app crashes so far, and both of them occurred on an app that became laggy and unstable after an update. No Safari crashes and no other app crashes. Then again, I thought by the time iOS 7.0.4 came out, the app crashes were already way down compared to the earlier versions. Right now, I’d have to say that my iPhone 5s runs faster and more reliably than my iPad 3 (that still runs iOS 6.1.3).

    1. Upgrade tour iPad 3!

      I am running 7.1 on my iPad 3 and it is much faster on most apps, and a lot more stable. My only issue now is when I open too many pages in Safari, or have a lot of data intensive apps in the background. 7.1 is an awesome upgrade!

  4. I didn’t have any crashes on 7.0.4 and I have no crashes on 7.1. Touch ID is a lot better though On 7.1. Updating from the beta 7.1 into 7.1 was excellent as well and rather quick. I love the thicker text and the more accessibility options both for the iPad mini as well as for the iPhones. My wife is really enjoying 7.1 on her iPhone 5 as well and her battery life seems to have increased a bit. Colors have not made a difference to me as the functionality has increased as well as the stability and that’s what counts when I use my phone.

    1. That’s just a testament to how crappy the UI design is, we can’t stop harping on it. That’s what happens when you force something that so many people dislike onto their beloved devices and then don’t let them downgrade when the paying customer wants to ! F-ing control freaks. There was NO backlash of this degree from customers with iOS 4, 5 and 6! I wonder why ?

  5. What about Safari ? It sure crashes alot more that 2% of the time in iOS7 ? I haven’t had time to bother upping to 7.1 on my Air but I sure hope Safari crashes alot less !!

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