Another bad review for ‘Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs’ book

“I really wanted to like Yukari Iwatani Kane’s new book about Apple, Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs,” Yoni Heisler writes for TUAW. “Based on over 200 interviews with current and former executives and other industry insiders, I was anticipating an intriguing look behind the secretive walls of 1 Infinite Loop. More so, I was hoping to gain a more nuanced view as to how Apple has in fact changed with Tim Cook at the helm.”

“To my dismay, the book failed to deliver on all counts,” Heisler writes. “It’s overwhelmingly clear that Kane starts with the preconceived conclusion that Apple’s best days are behind it and cherry-picks facts and anecdotes to support her thesis. In doing so, the book is rife with bizarre leaps of logic, misleading claims, and what I can only imagine were purposeful omissions of fact. The end result is a disjointed read without a whole lot of meat or new information.”

“What really bothered me most about the book were the sheer number of misleading inferences Kane subtly presents in an effort to factualize what were ultimately her own opinions,” Heisler writes. “Ultimately, Kane’s anti-Apple bias is so prevalent that it works to taint the entirety of the book.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The title of the thing rather blatantly hints that it’s a contrived POS hit piece.

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  1. It’s simple: Stop granting credibility to books who’s only sources are embittered Apple employees willing to break their NDA or quit or were fired from the company, and you’ll start getting quality information.

    I thoroughly considered direct interviews for Anatomy of an Apple – The Lessons Steve Taught Us, before deciding against it. The reality is that the information is already there. The actual analysis is what’s awful.

    These ‘other’ Apple books all start with an agenda that’s rooted in forcing Apple into a preconceived narrative.

    Anatomy of an Apple subjects every on the record interview by every one involved to cross-examination by comparing and contrasting every bit of available information and seeing what stands up, what’s open to interpretation and what’s clearly false.

    Perhaps Macdailynews should review a copy? Unless poking these dead horses of shill reporting is more your style, that is.

    1. “Granting credibility”? Is there some government agency that does that? Actually there probably is with this administration. But you’re right, only “grant credibility” to former Apple employees and authors who praise and gush over everything Apple does.

  2. I’m curious how this book got developed. She’s from the WSJ, which – politics aside – has journalism standards she worked under for years.

    I wonder if the book was contracted for based on a pitch that works for Apple-based articles online — these are click-baits, the more outrageous the headline the better, and a negative slant even better.

    A book pitch of “Apple misses Steve, but seems to be chugging along well, pretty much…” doesn’t get bought or published.

  3. What really bothered me most about the book were the sheer number of misleading inferences Kane subtly presents in an effort to actualize what were ultimately her own opinions.

    It sounds like merely more of the same old puerile Apple Bear Bullshit.

    Yuck Yukari! How about emulating Apple and writing something useful and practical as well as imaginative? Why did you even bother to write this book? To cash in on sales from the ignorami? Doesn’t that make you just another parasite? Soooo Wall-Nut Street of you. 👿

  4. Shock #1: Author of anti-Apple book is anti-Apple.
    Shock #2: Book is derided by Apple fans as ‘bias’ before any of them have actually read it. Lots of childish ad-hominem nonsense, little else.
    Like it or not friends, Apple without Jobs is The Police without Sting or TBBT without Sheldon.
    Cook/Ive/etc. fanned the flames of Steve’s fire, but now that’s gone out. Everyone and their uncle has noticed that Cook is visionless, it’s painful but obvious.
    All we can do now is hope to goodness Ive doesn’t leave.
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