Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Cupertino

“Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is traveling through the United States this week for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference, and he is scheduled to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook today,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “The calendar also sharesthat Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with the founders of WhatsApp, who recently sold their messaging service to Facebook for $19 billion.”

“Apple executives occasionally meet with the leaders of nations from the around the world. In recent months, several reports have detailed meetings between Cook and Turkish government leaders,” Gurman reports. “Even without official online or physical retail sales channels, Apple and Israel have had a strong relationship for the past few years…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


        1. Actually, I alternate between New Mexico and Florida, but California is a fabulous place in many ways, climate-wise and culture-wise. Water-wise, tax-wise, kook-wise, maybe a bit iffy. But Jerry is trying, at least.

          1. Jerry is a clown. California is nothing but a socialist welfare state. Literally. It’s great if you’re a public worker. They just keep raising taxes and the rest of us have to pay those taxes to support all those government workers. Unbelievable! People in the other 49 states have no idea what it’s really like here. Jerry and the Democrats in Sacramento have never seen a tax or a spending program that they didn’t like. Try reading some objective stories about the high-speed train that is being built in California. Unnecessary. And it goes nowhere. Billions and billions and billions of dollars. Down the toilet.

  1. In 2008 Israel’s GDP was US$167B. That has gone up a bit each year since, but I picked that year since that’s Apple cash right now. Something to think about when wondering why these two world leaders would meet!

    1. What a load of non sense, Apple and Isreal are completely different, Israel is a big burden on America and the western world economically, without the financial support Israel would not exist, all it’s supposed economic capability is exeragerrated misleading lies

  2. NUT-an-Yahoo is a warmonger head of an apartheid state. Maybe down in Alabama where noon-whites could not be served at a lunch counter, sit in the front of a bus or sit in the lower level of a theater was considered normal for decades they think Israel is some warm fuzzy thing, but the ugly truth is that it is an unsustainable island of apartheid.

    Apple, Intel and others should have no part in investing in occupied Palestine and the US should outlaw AIPAC. It is crazy that a small state in the middle east smaller than some US counties exerts such outsized influence in these United States.

    Long term, investing in Israel is investing in a mirage as the basis for the existence of the state is unsustainable in it’s current form. Israel is being eaten alive by the poisonous hyper-orthodox from one side, the caustic effects of the mistreatment, repression and outright theft of property from Palestinians on another. Israel is running out of water, arable farmland and has a huge pot of karma boiling among non-Jewish residents of Israel.

    Among the Jewish Israelis the hyper orthodox refuse productive work, are attempting to impose harsh religious laws on more moderate or non-religous Israelis, refuse to serve in the military and are having children at a high rate. That is a formula for disaster.

    Ask NUT-an-Yahoo about this.

    1. …and you even foisted out there the word unsustainable. That’s the buzzword that all respectable Vegans use these days (That is if you really ARE a Vegan!).

      Is there any country out there not worthy of criticism???

      (Sorry, but Antarctica is not a country.)

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