iPhone surveillance startup moves to NYC Financial District

“mSpy has been helping people monitor each other’s phone activity since 2011, and the London-based company is now setting up shop in New York City’s Financial District,” Molly Mulshine reports for Betabeat.

“Founders Andrei Shimanovich and Alex Herts, of Belarus, started the company in 2011. Mr. Shimanovich was looking for a way to keep tabs on his rebellious teen sister, while Mr. Herts saw his former company almost fall apart because of a digital security breach,” Mulshine reports. “The smartphone monitoring software they devised keeps track of users’ phone calls, texts, browsers, and even their WhatsApp activity. It sounds legally dubious, but the founders assured Betabeat this week that the use of mSpy is legal as long as a device’s owner knows they’re under surveillance. There’s no one enforcing those rules, per se, but if you decide to track a spouse, for example, and they find out, they could take legal action.

“Spying on your children and underlings doesn’t come free, though. Packages start at $39.99 per month, per device,” Mulshine reports. “Soon, the startup will also offer bundled packages so you can buy a device with the software preloaded, making it prettttty tempting to casually not tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that their new cell phone is actually a highly sophisticated monitoring device.”

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  1. Years ago I saved my son’s life because I cared enough to spy on him and gently steer him in a positive direction. I can think of a million cases where using this tool would be very inappropriate; and I know that had I not used such a tool to monitor my son, I would have lost him and his future as a husband, father, and first responder. Nuance and ethics matters.

      1. Some people will tell you any fool thing.

        Have you ever *seen* a real teenager?

        Parents are often considered complicit or liable for the behavior of their minor children. They certainly suffer less formal consequences to family and marriage. Not to mention… your beloved child can make serious trouble for his or her future self due to sheer naïveté or asinine bullheadedness.

        You’d better believe I monitor texts, browser and calls to the extent possible, and my kids are really quite good. Rebellious and nihilist would be another ballgame altogether.

          1. Kids are way out of control… sure there are some really good ones – but times are way difference from when I was a kid.
            Teachers can’t keep them in line, their mouths are awful. They have no respect – and then when they don’t get their way or have to learn the hard way – “It wasn’t my fault”.

        1. Yes, I have seen a real teenager, my own and others. My own are both grown and got that way without incident and with great values, although I think my daughter drinks too much.

          I also monitored them but I don’t consider monitoring spying. I trusted that the values I taught them would be sufficient and the the results back that up.

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