“It’s widely believed that Apple sometime in 2014 or soon thereafter will introduce what many are calling the ‘iWatch,’ a wearable device capable of tracking all sorts of interesting biometric data,” Yoni Heisler writes for Network World.

“Over the past few months, Apple has hired a formidable team of biomedical experts with deep experience in medical sensor technologies. Notably, many of the folks now working for Apple have done impressive and groundbreaking work in the realm of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM),” Heisler writes. “Many news outlets, as a result, have reported that Apple’s rumored iWatch may be able to non-invasively measure a user’s glucose levels. Such a device would be a godsend for diabetics who often have to monitor their blood glucose levels multiple times a day, either by drawing blood from their finger or through an implanted sensor paired with an external monitoring device.”

“A deeper examination of the issue, however, strongly suggests otherwise,” Heisler writes. “Non-invasive CGM is an incredibly complex problem that presents a number of challenging medical and technological hurdles. Indeed, medical device companies have been trying to solve this problem for decades, with no real success to speak of.”

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