Google preps ‘smartwatch,’ sources say

“Google’s long-rumored smartwatch is real, and still ‘officially’ expected to begin shipping in mid to late March,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “However, many members of the smartwatch team inside Google believe that date will either be pushed back to June, or the watch will end up shipping incomplete with a smaller feature set than originally intended.”

“The smartwatch prototypes are currently on lockdown in a Google building, under high security, and they’re not able to be taken out for fear that news will leak,” Perez reports. “According to people familiar with the matter, an early prototype of the watch had a Pebble Steel-like metal band, square face, and a colorful digital display featuring a gradient background where colors gently fade from one to the next. It also seemed to have a more masculine vibe, also like the Pebble Steel. But we’re hearing now that Google has settled on shipping a watch with a plastic band instead for the initial release.”

“Like the previous prototype, the watch has a full-color display, with an LCD background that basically looks ‘like a cheap smartphone,’ we’re told, which is capable of displaying a full-color image,” Perez reports. “The whole idea behind the watch’s concept is that you shouldn’t have to take out your phone for various ambient alerts, like finding out who’s calling you or who just texted, for example.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google’s watch may ship “incomplete with a smaller feature set than originally intended.”

Then, a few months after Apple unveils iWatch, Google’s “originally intended” features will magically appear.

Google’s Android before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple's iPhone

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. I still like to wear a watch. Partly as jewelry, and partly to have quick easy access to the time. Most younger users are content to just use their smart devices. If Apple’s new watch is designed nicely, which I’m sure it will be, and aesthetically pleasing, I’ll most likely get one. Plus I have some medical issues, so as a monitoring device, that’s a bonus.

      I don’t think the current smart watches that are out there aren’t selling because of lack of interest, I think there not selling because they’re ugly and don’t really do much.

      Whatever Apple is cooking, I think it’s going to blow away anything that’s out now. Apple is taking its time releasing it’s rumored product for a variety of reasons. Apple wants people to want its new watch. The only way they can succeed is having the best looking, best designed, and having truly useful features in it.

      Unlike the others, Apple doesn’t rush things out the door just to say me too. Of course, as soon as Apple debuts their new watch, the others will scramble to copy the features they couldn’t think of on their own. Without Apple to copy, they’ve been failing miserably.

  1. I find it humorous that SameSong and Google are releasing smart watches before Apple. It will be even more funny watching them scramble to change their designs after Apple defines the product category.

  2. “The smartwatch prototypes are currently on lockdown in a Google building, under high security, and they’re not able to be taken out for fear that news will leak.”

    Hilarious how Google flatters themselves into thinking that anyone really cares about their inevitably crummy under-developed instant POS watch. NEXT!

  3. If any company including Apple thinks I am going to put a plastic iWatch on my wrist, they haven’t seen the nicks and rash I got when last wearing a watch 20 years ago.

    I can see a notification device, but not on my wrist.

    Put in on my belt so I can flip it 90 degrees to horizontal so I can look down on it, but forget the wrist.

  4. Get over it MDN. Your Blog needs to focus on Apple hits and misses as your continuous efforts to discredit another American success story is getting long in the tooth. Google is rolling on all cylinders and Apple needs to keep up.

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