Apple sues Chinese government over Siri knockoff

“Apple is suing a Chinese government agency and a domestic company over patent rights for its “Siri” personal assistant, the official Xinhua news agency reports,” Agence France-Presse reports.

“Apple launched the case against the State Intellectual Property Office, which is in charge of patent rights protection in China, and Shanghai’s Zhizhen Network Technology, which developed software similar to Siri, the report said,” AFP reports. “The US company previously asked the State Intellectual Property Office to declare Zhizhen’s voice recognition patent invalid but the request was declined, prompting the legal action, Xinhua said. The Beijing Number one Intermediate People’s Court will hear the case on Thursday.”

“Last year, Zhizhen itself accused the California-based technology giant of copying its ‘Xiao i Robot’ software, which it patented in 2004, to develop Siri,” AFP reports. “The case was heard by a Shanghai court in July, state media have reported, but no ruling has been announced.”

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    1. And then Apple pulls all manufacturing out of China and moves it to…

      Hmmm… not back to the US, no one would work for the wages or be willing to work the hours. Except maybe the robots in Texas that are building the Mac Pro.

      Maybe, Japan or South Korea (Like that’s going to happen.) or Taiwan (You know, East China.)

      Let’s see, maybe Canada, aye.

      Apple is in a position of strength because of the manufacturing.
      And they could move some of it to Singapore. But there isn’t any place to move it all. It is just to entrenched.

      Cie la vive.

      1. What then>> Apple can only go back to Samsung to build their phones, who else has the capability?? LOL, Like china gives a rats if Apple is there or not. Samsung would most likely say no to Apple and then what?? No iphones at all.

    1. I’ll take Apples Shit ANY DAY over the Shit that is manufactured by Samdung or MicroSloth. This is a minor compared to the issues that either of those two companies have.

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