CNBC’s Top 25 Most Influential Leaders of the last 25 Years poll: Steve Jobs currently #1

“As CNBC celebrates its 25th anniversary, we’re trying to come up with a list of the 25 most influential leaders of the past quarter century. We started with a list of 200 and asked readers to narrow it down to 25,” Evelyn Cheng reports for CNBC. “Technology leaders actually take half of the top 10 spots in the current poll results, which MIT professor and futurist Erik Brynjolfsson said is right on the money. ‘In terms of transforming society, the big, big story is technology. That’s the big story of our generation. You want the list to reflect it,’ he said in a phone interview…. ‘I would be comfortable with as many as a dozen or 15 people (from technology) on the list,’ he said.”

“Apple founder Steve Jobs tops CNBC’s poll, followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The next tech name on the list is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, followed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the Google guys — Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt,” Cheng reports. “Brynjolfsson said he doesn’t think Gates should be on the list. Gates ‘did most of his work before 1989,’ Brynjolfsson said.”

“Inevitably, with a limit of 200 contenders across the board, some names didn’t make the list. So who did CNBC leave out? An overwhelming favorite is Tim Berners-Lee, who, with apologies to Al Gore, created the World Wide Web in 1989,” Cheng reports. “Despite all the major technological advances of the past 25 years from personal computing to the Internet, Brynjolfsson said you haven’t seen anything yet. ‘This is the second machine age. I hope that people appreciate the fact that we are just in the early stages,’ he said. ‘The first disruption was in the last 25 years. That was just a warm-up stage, a tidal wave that’s just getting under way.'”

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  1. George Bush the midget gets my vote. No other leader has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory like he has. Not to mention his other great accomplishments, the illegal immoral unethical Iraq war, the “aim for Bin Ladin hit Saddam” guidance missile system, the Pat Riot Act, Getouttheammo bay, and outright water board torture. Without George Amurdica would not be the fifth rate terrorist wananbe nation it is today.

    1. Wait a minute, water boarding is a lot more fun than having your head hacked off with a sword. I think the Americans were way more civilized.

      George just picked the wrong target. Saudi Arabia should have been knocked back into the Stone Age instead.

      1. Hold on a second, civilized behavior is way more fun than water boarding and having your head hacked off with a sword. Both are scum morally depraved behaviors not worthy of any respect whatsoever.

        George did a lot more than pick the wrong target, he convinced a whole nation to go for that target, knocking back America close to the primordial soup age.

  2. When you take into consideration the fact that Bill Gates stole the DOS program that he sold to IBM, it seems to me that the only list Bill Gates belongs on is the list that starts with that old rascal, Blackbeard the Pirate.

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