Barclays downgrades Apple to ‘Equal-weight,’ keeps $570 price target

“Barclays downgraded Apple from Overweight to Equalweight Thursday morning, maintaining a $570 price target,” Paul Quintaro reports for Benzinga.

“Ben Reitzes, analyst at Barclays, sees shares staying in a trading range for the the next year, ‘given a maturing smart phone market,'” Quintaro reports. “In addition, iPhone margins be squeezed, ‘as it adds advanced new features’ such as ‘Sapphire glass, curved glass, and new batteries.'”

Quintaro reports, “Reitzes does not believe smart watches or Apple TVs justify raising sales numbers.”

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    1. There excuse is because they don’t think apple can make any ground breaking products anymore and that there not going to put anything out this year that is up to there fantasy world ideas of what should be.
      What kind of drugs do they inject smoke or snort. They need to stop now.
      Of course the wall street whores will down aapl on this news.

      1. I’ve said it before, over and over again. Conventional wisdom rules, the pundits have no imagination, and industry disruption always comes as a surprise. This is the tragedy of conservatism. The tragedy being that an adjustment is made to a new norm, with the expectation of no further changes. Insane, but borne out by all recorded history.

    1. Golly, with AAPL at $550 a few days ago, and Max Pain for option traders (which expire Saturday) at $530 and below, CNBC, Barron’s, and Investor’s Business Daily all come out with headlines saying that Apple is the next Microsoft. [Zeke waves two fingers across your line of sight] “There’s no money to be made in Apple. Sell your shares now. (Drive the price down so the market makers can save their butts.) These aren’t the shares you’re looking for!”

      Somebody put the fix in. You now know who’s in the pockets of the option sellers. If you don’t believe in such conspiracies go search the web for a video where Jim Cramer admits manipulating stock prices by having analyst/journalist friends plant stories.

      1. Lol…and they maintain a 570 target. While apple is at 540/530 range….
        Why? If there is no money to be made.
        And why the drop in stock price today ? Their target is still above today’s price …
        All a part of psychological warfare… By a bunch of scumbag anal-ists and brokerage houses to rip off the modestly informed by uso g big words to express BS and make sound like fact.

        1. Actually, monthly options that expire about the 3rd week of every month outnumber weekly options by about 10 to 1. So they have a pronounced effect on share pricing. And actually, there is one price point where options sellers pay out the least amount of money on expiration. That is the price point at which the maximum combined number of calls and puts expire worthless. That’s about $530 this week.

  1. Well make your mind up analysts, should we worry about margins being squeezed, or by Apple deciding not to sell a cheap iPhone in order to gain market share ?

    Whatever Apple does, the analysts then say that something different needs to happen.

    The more I read what analysts say, the happier I am that Apple doesn’t do what the analysts implore them to do.

    1. Its like watching an underdog who’s winning football game against a favorite team. So the favorite team has the officials move the goal line and goal posts every time the underdog gets close to scoring.
      Wall street is pathetic.

  2. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s good debt, bad debt (which Apple has never had), or no debt, aapl’s going to get downgraded. I realize this downgrade isn’t so much about debt, it just brings Apple’s debt to my mind because they had no debt until they arm-twisted by WS and its directly-associated banking systems, into, getting into to debt. And how is Apple rewarded for going along with that? They’re downgraded. Is WS like a ginormous pyramid scheme?

  3. Barclays is a shitty bank that’s corrupt and unethical, Barclays played a major negative role in the cause of the economic crisis. Infact Barclays is the complete opposite of apple which produces real economic products and not junk. Barclays should downgrade itself instead of apple, pure hypocrisy here 👹

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