Apple’s first retail store in Brazil draws large grand opening crowds despite high prices

“Around 1,700 people attended the opening of Apple’s first retail store in Brazil, in the popular Village Mall in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro – despite steep import tariffs meaning prices 80 percent higher than in the USA,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“To avoid the high tariffs imposed on imported goods,” Lovejoy reports, “Apple has been working with Foxconn since 2011 to set up manufacturing or assembly plants in the country.”


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  1. I am glad Apple is opening more stores overseas. Hopefully, many people around the world will get the True Apple experience. Buying an iPhone at Wal-Mart just isn’t the same.

  2. Only, “1,700 people”. I bet the analysts were looking for 1,700,000 plus or all of Brazil to show up. Well, Apple is doomed. Again!

    Anyone see anything like this for a Google, Samsung or Microsoft phone or store.

    Want to bet that Google, Samsung and Microsoft will go up due to Apple’s success. Of course, AAPL will not move until the NEXT BIG THING is here and then they will say, It was already in the price.

    You know this hustle will not work forever! AAPL will rise!

    1. > Anyone see anything like this for a Google, Samsung or Microsoft phone or store.

      Not even a 10 people queue, and that’s counting the press if anyone shows up on day one…
      Some companies fake interest by opening stores in already highcirculation zones like malls, so they can secure some interest from folks shopping there or who finished their shopping.

  3. Six days after the concert tickets ran out, someone stole all the bricks from Microsoft’s Rio store. The building materials ended up in a ghetto suburb an all the merchandise was left in piles in the empty lot.

    That disappointement didn’t stop them at all from opening up a second and a third just a little further down from Apple’s new building.

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