Apple has good reasons to stick with Imagination

“Apple has become probably the finest mobile silicon powerhouse,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Its mobile chips, found in the iPhone/iPad product lines, are world class thanks to a combination of very skilled in-house IP development teams, strong integration teams, and an ability to get things out on-time and on-target. Although if you really think about it, who knows the needs and requirements of the world’s best mobile devices better than the maker of those devices?”

“It has been no secret that for quite some time, Apple has been hiring GPU experts/designers/micro-architects, and it is likely that Apple is working on its own in-house GPUs (at least to see what it can do),” Eassa writes. “However, Imagination Technologies – Apple’s GPU supplier from the very beginning – recently went ahead and announced that Apple had signed with it a multi-year licensing agreement for both its GPU and video cores . So, it’s clear that Apple plans to stick with Imagination for quite some time.”

“What’s going on here? Well, the long-and-the-short of it is, Imagination has many years of experience developing low power/high performance GPU IP that is well suited for the mobile markets,” Eassa writes. “Indeed, just look at the performance of the Imagination PowerVR G6430 inside of the 4″ slim iPhone 5s against the performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 inside of a 5″+ Nexus 5 phone and an NVIDIA Tegra 4 inside of a 7″ tablet.”

Tom's Hardware Futuremark 3D benchmarks

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  1. Unlike Samsung which is a leech, Imagination tech appears to be loyal and beneficial to apple and therefore rewarded. A good marriage that benefits both partners

  2. Forgive me if I seem a little confused. But this article states that Apple has good reason to stick with Imagination and then shows a bar graph of Apple versus other companies. Now, this would look promising if the closer to 0 you got was better, but in the bottom right corner of the graph it says score [higher is better], which clearly shows apple is doing the worst compared to the other 3. Did I misread something here?

    1. I read the article a little more in-depth, i jumped a bit to conclusions. The leader in that bar graph is a 28″ powerhouse, which drains quite the energy, so it shows apple in 2nd after that…which is good. But the physics and ice storm unlimited were both lower then all of the others. Guess that’s not to big a concern.

    2. It is one thing to get good benchmark numbers but a completely different thing to run that way on a standard app. Remember the programs on hemroid based devices have to perform a runtime compile on all their apps making even the fastest CPU lacking in speed. Also we all know that the benchmarks on hemroid devices are so very factual that they can be trusted. It’s not like anyone making those devices would do something to fudge the results to make their hemroid device appear faster than it is right. HTC and Samdung would never do that.

        1. Why not ‘hemroid’. Better yet, why not hemorrhoid, the proper spelling. After the MOUNDS of deceit and crap dumped on Apple out of the Android sucker market, why the hell NOT rip on the Android name? It’s a wonderful expression if only to get the Android apologists (like you?) all stiffed up with anger gizz, always delightful to see.

    3. The graph is worthless as it does NOT compare Like-With-Like. Instead, you’re stuck having to read a bunch of blether attempting to compare UNLike-With-UNLike as if that’s directly meaningful, which it is NOT. We’re reading some analCyst blahblah without actual technological explanation or knowledge.

      Then we get to the end of this POS article, which I rip on below…

    4. Without scaling based on the number of total display pixels, I do not think the chart shows what they are hoping. However, look at the “physics”. Is that not screaming the power of a 64-bit A7 chip? I assume the red one is a game and again, CPU power maybe the story here. Now think all games and corporate devices require more power and long battery life which is now Apple’s iDevices.

      Apple, you need to state that there are NO 64-BIT GOOGLE ANDROID DEVICES ON THE MARKET!!! If you want power and speed? Then you need an A7 iOS device!!!

      1. For someone that talks so much, you’d think something in those words are fact. First of there is no software that can take advantage of a 64 bit CPU, also to use a 64 bit CPU you need 4 Gigabyte’s of ram not 1 gig. You’d also have to specifically have the app’s made to take advantage of the 64 bit hardware along with the 4 gigs of ram. So any app that would use out take advantage of the 64 bit chipset would most likely say “made to use with 64 bit A7!” Just like apps have the HD label on the icon to let users know that it’s HD ready. Right now a 32 bit processor whether dual core or quad core with 2/3 gigs of ram performs better, you might think *but iPhone 5 is just as fast with its dual core & 1 gig of ram as a quad core snapdragon 800!* fact is that snapdragon is a second or 2 faster on most apps. The deal with the A7 64 bit CPU is that it’s advantage lies in its single processing, meaning it’s best performance is in its single app processing… 1app,& everyone knows that iOS is a one app OS at heart, with its fake multitasking. Snapdragon 800 destroys the A7 A15 64 bit CPU that’s useless at the moment in multitasking. These are facts.

    5. Your right, not to mention that the other “5 inch Shem’s” ate full JD resolution, not 960×540 or whatever it is with its 4 incher. I’m sure that a snapdragon 800 & a screen with exact specs as iPhone 5 would produce higher scores, especially that it’s producing higher scores already with larger screens with higher resolution’s.

  3. WTF is this article? Just a sales ploy using “Apple” as the hook? Read the last line of the source article:

    Our expert team of equity analysts has identified 1 stock that’s poised to produce rocket-ship returns with the next $14.4 TRILLION industry. Click here to get the full story in this eye-opening report.

    Ooo. $$$$$$. Here’s the bullshit at the resulting linked page:

    Silicon Valley is about to hold a funeral for the Internet… and the 4-word technology that’s rising from its ashes is poised to make early investors a king’s ransom! To find out the name of the 1 “Internet killer” stock that could kick start a brand new $14.4 TRILLION industry (making you an absolute mint in the process), simply enter your email address in the box below.

    IOW: Pure SCAM rhetoric. No, you can’t have my email address.

    I for one am disgusted. 😛

        1. I’ve never been impressed by their ‘work’. I certainly have never noticed SCAM rhetoric at their site before. Nice way for them to destroy their own credibility. Again with the ‘Self-Destructive Imperative’ in biznizz. It’s like these people have given up and see nothing left but suicide, so let’s take down as many people with us as possible. That’s not sane behavior.

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