Apple’s iPad Air destroys competition in battery life tests

Which? Tech Daily recently carried out a series of tests to determine which tablet is the one to beat when it comes to battery life,” Yoni Heisler reports for TUAW.

“The results?” Heisler reports. “The iPad Air absolutely crushed the competition.”

“What’s more, the test results show that the iPad Air performed even better than advertised, delivering nearly 13 hours of battery life during video playback,” Heisler reports. “Even the iPad 2, released all the way back in 2011 performed better than most of the competition.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Stupid android is a power hungry bloated operating system that requires xtra CPU Horse power to run it, meaning pour quality battery life, no way any non apple tablets running on android will compete with the superior iOS iPad

    1. Surface and its complicated windows operating system is a flop and a financial disaster, Surface 1 was a $800 million write off and the surface 2 will cross the 1$ billion+ loss this year, so its the android tablets that are the relevant competition. Regarding the MS Surface, why kick someone when its down, lets be the bigger person and leave MS out of it and deal with the android junk thats out there

    2. Well 3 answers, but none to address your question. I guess we’ll never know. I’d guess that the RT might have been decent, but pretty sure the pro sucks up more power than a lot of android tablets.

  2. I love my iPad 2. I may upgrade finally with the next release. But really, I charge my iPad 2 once or twice a week. I watch movies in my Apple TV via plex and airplay, and I get several movies and daily usage before I need to recharge the thing.

    Not bad for a battery that’s three years old or more.

    1. Really remarkable thing about Apple batteries, not only are they good on day one they are still good years later.

      Let’s see them repeat this test with equipment that is one or two years old.

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