Apple adds yet another leading biometric expert to substantial ‘iWatch’ team

“Apple continues to bolster its team by hiring medical sensor experts, with the latest grab being former chief technology officer of a company that specialized in noninvasive monitoring technologies — yet another hire that will help fuel speculation that the company is working on a so-called ‘iWatch’ with biometric sensing capabilities,” AppleInsider reports.

“Marcelo Malini Lamego, a Stanford University graduate, was CTO of Cercacor for 8 years, until this January when he began working on a research and development team at Apple, according to his LinkedIn page,” AppleInsider reports. “The new Apple hire was first discovered by NetworkWorld on Thursday.”

“Lamego was the lead scientist developing Masimo’s ‘Rainbow Technology’ platform, which is a noninvasive monitoring tool that assesses ‘”multiple blood constituents and physiologic parameters that previously required invasive or complicated procedures,'” AppleInsider reports. “Lamego isn’t the first hire related to Masimo, either. That company’s former chief medical officer and executive vice president of medical affairs, Michael O’Reilly, was recently added to Apple’s payroll.”

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  1. What if the iWatch turns out not to be a consumer device, but a low cost, one-time use patient monitoring system that gets put on a patients wrist when they are admitted for treatment or go in to see a doctor. Automatic data upload to the care providers iPad-based medical records system? That would be a bunch of sales.

  2. This device is beginning to sound more and more like a Star Trek medical tricorder. About two centuries early!

    Apple, I want my transporter, my food slot and warp drive this decade.

    1. Yep. And it is sounding more and more like I’ll be buying 2 on release for my diabetic wife. If it monitors blood sugar at all, I’m sold. Right now. Without knowing anything else.

  3. The more i hear about this, the more I think this can help a lot of people. Besides athletes . I want one. And I know a lot of people that have to monitor b/p that can use this . This can be Apples next Big thing

    1. I think you are right. Hiring some experts today kind of looks like they ain’t got it right yet. I was so glad when I got the first iPhone and could forget about a watch on my wrist. I doubt there are enough hypochondriacs to make it profitable.

    2. Not necessarily there is usually a big hiring spree reasonably close to launch because lots of the aspects have been finalised and specific experts can come in polish off aspects but generally push hard on continual developments of the software and how it takes advantage of the sensors and indeed how it all works with support structures it will communicate with ie the whole ecosystem. First iteration is often a proof of concept and the next versions show the true potential of it.

  4. Plain and simple…it’s gonna REVOLUTIONIZE fitness and medical. Not mention it’s gonna be cool enough for all the rest of us to buy also!!! This is all Steve’s dream, just panning out now…

  5. I am tired of people calling it a watch. Who needs a watch connected to the internet. It is a monitor, and may not even be targeted at consumers, but patients. Yes, it is an ” iMonitor.” Maybe something that monitors heart rhythm (Holter moniter), respirations, temp, and oxygen saturation. Instead of receiving data, it collects and sends data to a central site.

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