78% of UK iPhone owners ‘couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now’

“Some three fifths of more than 2,000 iPhone users questioned in a survey said they would always [upgrade] to Apple’s latest iPhone,” Matthew Sparkes reports for The Telegraph.

“When asked why they would not consider a different phone 78 per cent claimed they ‘couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now.’ Just over half, 52 per cent, said that they had just been ‘really impressed’ with the iPhone,” Sparkes reports. “Some 54 per cent of respondents said they had previously owned an earlier version of the handset and, when asked why they had bought a second, 37 per cent said it was because they were used to the iOS interface. Another 28 per cent simply said it seemed to be the best phone for them at the time of switching, whilst 25 per cent said it was due to the fact friends and family members had iPhones and they wanted to retain Apple-specific features such as Facetime.”

“The survey revealed that 17 per cent of respondents had switched to their current iPhone from a BlackBerry, 14 per cent from a Nokia, nine per cent from a Samsung, four per cent from an HTC and just two per cent from a Sony Ericsson handset,” Sparkes reports. “Roshan Bholah, founder of SIMOnlyContracts.co.uk, which conducted the survey, said: ‘It’s really interesting to discover this blind loyalty amongst iPhone users – they’ll no longer consider other mobile phones on the market, purely because they trust Apple and perhaps like being associated with the brand. ‘However, the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ could ring true here, as it’s clearly a case of them having a positive experience with the handset. It’s ultimately the loyalty all brands hope to achieve with their customers – old and new.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple product users’ loyalty is anything but “blind,” thanks. We are loyal to Apple products because of the myriad superior experiences they offer over inferior knockoffs, assorted also-rans, and putrid road kill.

Fact: Apple’ iPhone is even #1 in customer satisfaction in South Korea. Roshan, do you really think the citizens of a country that’s derisively called “The Republic of Samsung” haven’t already tried and rejected Samsung’s iPhone knockoffs? Come on, get real.

Customer satisfaction breeds clear-eyed loyalty.

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  1. Well, I’m one Australian iPhone user who can’t imagine having a different type of phone now. My loyalty isn’t blind, I graduated with my Business Information Systems degree last year.

    Now if I can just get a job so I can buy a new Mac I will be a very happy person.

  2. I’m not sure how others define ‘blind loyalty’ but I would think that if you are not actually considering the competition each time you upgrade to a new device you are guilty of ‘blind’ loyalty or at least ‘blindered’ loyalty. 😛

    1. Consumer loyalty means consumer preference for a device, other things being equal.  “Blind” loyalty can be random and stupid, but it can also come from years of experience and the discovery over time that comparison shopping is not a valuable use of time.

      It is certainly possible for consumers to be taken in by fads, friends or fraud, but consumers cannot be duped repeatedly by the same company over a 30-year period.  Steve Jobs is dead and the reality distortion field is gone, but the customers remain.  Now why is that?

      Apple’s critics are tormented by the success of a company they envy and cannot understand.  Calling its several hundred million customers stupid or blind is the best they can do.  It is the way that losers talk.

  3. I had an appointment at the Genius Bar in Manchester UK this evening. At work today I was telling a colleague where I was going after work and it’s because my iPhone 5 was having issues charging. I knew Apple would just swap it for another one there and then and they did. He said that he liked his Samsung but when it had issues he had to post it somewhere and wait a week to get it back. He said he was thinking of getting an iPhone when his contract was up just for the after sales support. The Apple Store I went to tonight was full of people having workshops and demos, and all the staff I met were smiling and enthusiastic. Their products are great and the after sales support is so far ahead of any company, yet alone any other phone or computer company.

    1. Yeah, I remember that with other brands. I wouldn’t have a phone for a week or more while it was repaired. And remember having to re-enter all your contacts whenever you got a new phone? What a PITA. Apple, while not perfect, makes the whole experience so painless and the integration with my other Apple devices is seamless.

  4. 46% reported that their previous handset was not an Apple one. 60% will get another iPhone.

    That’s not blind loyalty. They tried the alternatives, found them lacking and have now seen for themselves that the iPhone is a better choice.

    You don’t sell hundreds of millions of iPhones to blindly loyal customers because there simply isn’t a large number of people who would think like that. Apple can only sell in such numbers because the product is a crowd pleaser. It’s very unusual for the best selling product in a given category to also be one of the most expensive ones.

  5. I have never understood the almost maniacal debates people have tried to have with me just because I chose an iPhone . Some are honest and say the price put them off which is fair enough as we are all on a budget . However some others go on about it like your have committed treason ! I have never known such infantile behaviour in any other field of consumer choice which at the end of the day is what we all have a right to .

    1. This is true. I think the smartphone is the most personal product in existence, and that accounts for the disturbing fervour displayed by the people you’re talking about.

      Your choices in this lifestyle category are politically and emotionally charged precisely because the devices represent us socially and individually in more ways than any other token. They enable modern protocols of interaction, and serve as markers of our taste, our caste, our identity and our clan. They have transcended their status as mere tools and become totems.

      Either that or your friends are losers.

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