Poll: More Americans choose smartphones over sex

“A new poll shows that while 20% of Americans claim they couldn’t live without sex, a full 26% say they couldn’t live without using their smartphones,” Robert Wilde reports for Breitbart. “It also shows that Americans prefer internet access, cars, laptops, and TV to sex.”

“The study by Harris Interactive also discovered that almost three quarters of adults say technology enriches the quality of their lives, and almost half of the people surveyed believe it improves their relationships with friends and boosts their social lives,” Wilde reports. “About 40% of those polled thinks technology makes them happier.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 100% of the 26% who said they couldn’t live without using their smartphones are iPhone users. We all know that Android settlers don’t have sex and their wannabe iPhones just aren’t that good. 😉

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  1. As an asexual myself, I approve of this. However, most of the people who say this are Android settlers, so they are of the “geeky, 40 year-old virgins” type. I am more of an artist myself, and childfree too, so I guess I’m one of the 26% of iPhone users who said this.

          1. Derek doesn’t need to “act superior”. Various people do excellent jobs of “acting inferior” with displays of knuckle-dragging and/or content-less and/or vacuous and/or potty-mouthed and/or vitriolic drivel.

          2. You know you’re talking to a liar when they call themselves ‘Truth’. Go abuse yourself. That’s really the core goal of all this hatred of others, isn’t it. Cut out all the noise and get to it! You are your problem.

            1. Well, there is the proof. A lot of hateful people here……voting down a thumbs up for someone who is just expressing an educated opinion is silly. Lately it feels like the hate has really gotten the better of this forum, a shame, really. I like my daily reads and the different angels to the news many provide…..

  2. MDN’s take is really disgusting and out of line.

    Just because Android is inferior and Android handsets are hobbled by tradeoffs … well, frankly, it doesn’t mean that their users deserve that kind of treatment. It’s the same type of shit Fandroids do to us, and it isn’t right either way.

    MDN: Part of the problem.

        1. “Lack of respect for conflicting opinions?” MDN’s well-established opinion is that all Android users are idiots or pimple-faced geeks. That opinion is posted on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.

          How is that any better than the “opinions” of Fandroids and Windows loyalists who attack those of us who prefer iPhones and Macs? What’s wrong with not wanting to judge people based on their choice of computing hardware and software?

          It’s okay to have a difference of opinions. It’s not okay to blatantly and repeatedly insult people whose opinions are different from yours.

      1. A joke? Is it a joke every time they say something similar about people who don’t use iPhones and Macs? Or even people who prefer cheaper iPhone models rather than top-tier iPhone models (see their stance on the iPhone 5c, “if the price difference between an iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s is a consideration for you, you shouldn’t be buying an iPhone at all”)? Is it all a joke?

        Or is it just that the folks at MDN are highly biased and like insulting people who don’t share their beliefs?

        1. “Or is it just that the folks at MDN are highly biased and like insulting people who don’t share their beliefs?”

          Uhm, yes? Are you new to this site or something?

          I find the MDN talks annoying and juvenile sometimes, but it’s just how they do things around here. If it bothers you that much, you should probably get your Apple news somewhere else.

          1. Please note that I was responding to the poster who tried to dismiss the inappropriate nature of MDN’s take as “just a joke.” I KNOW that the folks at MDN are highly biased and insulting to people who don’t share their beliefs.

            I enjoy the service MDN provides: access to a variety of Apple-related news articles. That doesn’t mean I have to roll over and accept their opinions without complaint. They created the option for reader responses, so why shouldn’t I speak out about it? How else, besides discussion, are people of the same outlook as MDN supposed to learn?

  3. I don’t see how the two correlate to a predecessor of smartphones over sex. Id a hot model approached the avast age straight male and told them they could have the smart phone or sex with her I suspect they would almost all choose sex.

    1. @Armand
      The question isn’t about an idealized fantasy — “a hot model approached” and gave the straight male the choice.

      The choice here is between real smartphones and real sex as experienced by the person being questioned… with all the frequent complexities of getting that sex, the sex itself which may or may not be great, and also the aftermath.

  4. You make a very good point. Personally, sex does not do anything for me, and frankly, I find it overrated. What is the deal with that anyway? It seems like MDN’s take implies that asexuals, or asexuality in general, does not exists, or shouldn’t exist. Sine I never do it…I’m an Android Sufferer by default?

  5. The reality is many people don’t care that much about sex because they are not good at it. I have several female friends that bitch how awful their sex lives are. Not because they don’t have it but because their partners SUCK at it.
    Maybe there is something there that is not being measured or asked in the poll.

    1. According to the poll more people prefer television to sex. 24% to 20%. At least it’s good to see 73% couldn’t live without food. I wonder how the other 27 % survive?

    1. Go pound sand. Derek makes some great points in his posts. All you do is just troll around and make people angry. You add absolutely nothing constructive to these boards.

      1. I’d think you had the hots for Derek if it wasn’t for the fact that you told the world about your being asexual. Hey, does that mean you can reproduce all by yourself? If that’s the case I suggest you go f**k yourself. Gee, I sure hope this doesn’t make you angry.

        1. I really shouldn’t get angry at an immature, sophomoric, little Fandroid troll like yourself, but I will say that you do indeed, know nothing outside your little pathetic bubble. Asexual, at least in terms of sexuality, means having NO sexual attraction at all. Some asexuals are disgusted by sex, others like to has it once in a while, and some even like to masterbate! But the main point here is that Asexuals DON’T GET SEXUALLY ATRACKTED TO ANYONE. But after seeing your foul-mouthed rant, and implying that I am having sexual relations with Derek (whom I respect as a poster) really should not rile me up, because you are just a little troll. Now go back under the bridge you came from.

  6. @Stupid
    Notice the huge difference between Derek’s post and yours.

    Derek – “There is nothing in this poll directly connecting sex and smartphones.”
    That, Stupid, is what we call a “concrete point about the matter under discussion”.

    Derek again: “It’s data out-of-context being forced into an artificial context.”
    Another concrete and logical point. (A common characteristic of Derek’s posts.)

    Stupid: Summarizing… “I don’t like your posts Derek”.
    That’s what we might call “empty whining”.

    If you want to complain about Derek’s posts, you might want to do so by writing what you consider “excellent” and “proper” posts.

  7. Dear John,

    I never made the statement “I don’t like your posts Derek”, those are your words. I normally have no issue with his comments since I just ignore them, until he climbs on his high horse, kinda like you and James.

    But you are correct that Derek has a lot of concrete points. It’s just too bad they’re all on top of his head.

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