Carl Icahn: ‘Tim came in Clint Eastwood-style and has a lot more bullets’

CNBC’s Jim Cramer had an interesting exchange over a couple of days via Twitter.

On Wednesday, Cramer asked Icahn: “Time to call in to @ScottWapnerCNBC about how much you’ve been buying of late? Stock has big bid underneath”

Today, Icahn responded: “No need to call Scott. As you noted this morning, Tim came in Clint Eastwood-style and has a lot more bullets.”

The Twitter exchange has been filed with the U.S. SEC in a “Notice Of Exempt Solicitation” here.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Doubtful Tim has told Icahn any more than he has already announced about coming new products. So Tim has bought back $14B in stock and declared new product categories and major size upgrades are coming. How can you ask for anything more?

  2. This tweet tells me a lot.

    1). Icahn is out of bullets.

    2). Cook has the shareholder votes to carry the day at the shareholders meeting.

    3). Cook is one tough cookie.

  3. It wasn’t little investors dumping Apple shares….14 Billion worth in a short time, no.
    The Big Hedge funds tried to manipulate Apple stock again and Tim Cook stopped them.
    GREAT MOVE TIM COOK and others!!!

  4. Apple watching is NOT a reality TV show, is NOT the Kardashians of finance, is no longer fun.

    Dear Tech AnalCysts and Finance Parasites: Just STFU and stick to your little hidey hole hoards. Your DESperate attempts at attention are boring the hell out of me and have NOTHING to do with Apple the company. We noticed. You’re idiots. Now go the frack away.

  5. I think ICahn and others need investigated that go around buy stock like this and make threats and bully and stuff. Has to be something done to stop this. Buy stock in companies and shut them down and do that stuff like Romney and them that do that.

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