What’s the best Mac Web browser?

“What’s the best web browser for Mac?” Lou Hattersley writes for Macworld UK.

“Most Mac users are familiar with Apple’s distinctive Safari web browser, especially if they use both iOS and Mac OS X (both of which use Safari as the main way to interact with the web),” Hattersley writes. “But Safari isn’t the only web browser for Mac, and it’s not necessarily the best. Your chosen web browser – the software that interprets the code of each website you visit and presents it for your enjoyment – can make a serious difference to your experience of your favourite websites.”

“Safari is the default web browser for the Mac so a lot of applications and services in Mac OS X Mavericks are designed to be compatible with Safari – which is the browser’s first advantage,” Hattersley writes. “Safari is also – unsurprisingly for an Apple product – one of the most visually pleasing browsers on the market. With its restrained grey interface, clean menu system, rounded buttons, and unobtrusive styling it makes browsing the web a pleasurable experience. It also has some great features like iCloud Tabs, Offline Reading List, and syncs bookmarks between iOS and Mac OS X devices. Safari 7 was released alongside Mac OS X Mavericks and includes iCloud Keychain, Shared Links and a Sidebar. ”

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    1. I swear, some lazy-ass tech journalists these days treat EVERY month like it’s August.

      Dear Tech Journalists:
      How about something INSIGHTFUL?! You’re being PAID to write this stuff! Hello in there! Or do you have no insight to offer? If so, then YOU’RE FIRED! – I wish.

  1. In the order in which I prefer to use them:

    – Safari
    – Firefox
    – Chrome

    Haven’t tried any of the others.

    I do like Firefox simply because it expands the webpage to the widest possible extent whereas in Safari I still have to do a Command++ to increase the size of the font on the webpage.

    Don’t know why Apple can’t just expand the webpage to its widest possible extent automatically or let me select the default text size in which I want to view web pages. Some of Safari text renditions are tinier than a gnat.

  2. I use a different browser for each user profile: Safari for me, Chrome for work, Firefox for my volunteer stuff. Then I pull out other browsers when I need an additional profile.

  3. I would like to be able to turn off Top Sites. Mavericks allows it to be limited but not turned off.

    Long browsing sessions with many pages per session can cause Safari to become unstable in a way Chromium does not. I speculate that the cache just overwhelms Safari.

    1. If you never click on Top Sites, and do not have Top Sites set as your default new browser window/tab (or homepage) in Safari preferences, it will never come up. Just ignore that feature.

      If you don’t want Top Sites generating new “tiles,” even if you seldom use Top Sites, set Top Sites to show a minimum number of sites (which is six). Then “pin” six specific sites to the available tile positions, so that what Top Sites shows never changes. You might as well pick six sites that you visit frequently. That should minimize what Top Sites is doing, and it may even be useful.

      NOTE: To add a specific site to Top Sites, go to that site and use the Add Bookmark command; select Top Sites as the place to add that bookmark to. That site will appear in Top Sites, and it will already be pinned.

  4. While I normally use Safari, I often use Epic (a Chrome variant) as it will assign a USA IP address proxy to you. This is a must for those of us in Canada who wish to access some USA websites.

      1. Totally.. Epic browser is the best, and stops most trackers.. plus, the entire time your are browsing through their proxy,
        all for free. MDN seems to have more trackers than most sites, I just got 31 trackers just to say this on this page. That is about 10 more than average. Believe me, I’m not that exciting to track… EVERYONE should be using EPIC browser.
        They tell their compelling story.. it works great. NO ads. I’ll take it.

  5. I prefer Firefox. No particular reason, it just happened to be the one I mastered back in the day when Safari wasn’t yet fully developed. If I’m on a sight where something isn’t rendering or viewing, I’ll jump into Safari and try it there. That works 99% of the time. Of course when I’m in iOS, it’s Safari all the way.

    1. Firefox has always performed like a drunk dog on my wife’s laptop, but she still insists on using it. It also looks horrendous – like Steve Ballmer’s brain puked a nightmare and it became a browser.

  6. I use Opera for two reasons 1) it has an email client built in and 2) you can easily enlarge the whole screen by pressing the + button. Opera is fast and the Mac and Win versions operate exactly the same. It’s downside: “a few” websites don’t render right. I run into this problem about once every six weeks.

    1. No Google Chrome on my machines. No gmail, no google search (if I can help it), no google apps.

      I say no to Eric the mole and the “freetards”. Mining for private information and selling it to the highest bidder while making life difficult for anyone trying to make a living designing programs only to have the google freetards rip you off.

    1. Yes, but where’s the mention of iCab? That browser continually gets ignored by browser reviewers. As is the same as the others, it isn’t perfect, but it does have features and such to recommend it. And the developer has been very pro-Mac.

  7. I essentially only use Safari.

    NOTE: On my old PowerPC PowerBook running Tiger, which I still use when sitting by the TV or in the kitchen, I use TenFourFox, a variant of FireFox optimized for PowerPC Macs, maintained by a dedicated developer.

  8. Once again, iCab, a browser that has been around for a number of years now and has been devoted to the Mac (including iOS), was not even mentioned. One cannot encourage competition by ignoring competitors, small though they may be.

  9. Try Omniweb. it was the better browser BEFORE the others exists and overall its still the best u can find with a single download. (cough — it does not have extensions. and if u know what to do, for basic browsing, it does not need extensions.)

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