New Haswell Apple Mac mini models coming by end of February says Belgian retailer

“While nearly all of Apple’s Mac lines have transitioned to Intel’s latest Haswell chip platform, one notable exception is the Mac mini, which has not been updated since October 2012 and is ripe for an update,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“As noted in our forums, major Belgian retailer has now posted placeholder listings for new Haswell Mac minis in Core i5 and Core i7 variations,” Slivka reports. “Retailer placeholders are typically unreliable indicators of new product launches, although they have on occasion been accurate. ”

“One forum poster did, however, contact the store and was told that the information ‘comes from Apple or reliable sources,'” Slivka reports. “The store representative also noted that a release date is not yet available but that they expect a launch by the end of February based on availability of the placeholder listings. ”

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      1. Actually, the current form factor and accessibility is pretty good, but it would be nice to have the finish of the Mac Pro, and the revved up I7 they put in the top-of-the-line iMac.

        1. You want to include a +$250 case on a $600-800 machine?
          (I say that because you can’t buy a PeeCee case (even for more than $250) with anywhere near the fit and finish of the MacPro enclosure.)
          And then you want it to include an revved up i7?

          Ah, Well… I want Aston Martin to price the V12 Vantage for under $45k so I can afford it, but that is about as likely as your proposition.

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