Apple iWatch to sport 1.52-inch curved OLED, set for summer launch, report claims

“Korean website DDaily has run and then pulled a story claiming that the iWatch display would be made by LG, and comprises a 1.52-inch plastic OLED (P-OLED) display. P-OLED would tend to suggest a curved display,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“The report also claims that the smartwatch would enter mass-production in the third quarter this year,” Lovejoy reports, “suggesting a launch date in the summer.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. My predictions are these:

    1) the iwatch’s square display will be diagonal on the wrist, like a diamond, instead of at right angles to the arm. It’s much easier on the arm.

    2) there will be a thick ring debuted at the same time. It’ll be wide, but very thin and be worn on the “pointer” finger. It’ll be 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch wide. You’ll pinch it with your thumb to activate Siri. There will be no display. It’ll sell far better than the watch but be played down initially because of the controversiality of the ring, as people will hate it until they use it, at which time they’ll love it.

    1. That’s a rather large item to wear on your finger just to act as a button. How will Siri hear you and how will you hear/see Siri? If you still need to get your phone out how is this any advantage. If you have a bluetooth earpiece or something why not just have a button on that? I would have though a ring would be awfully complicated to sell as they’d have to make so many different versions to fit people. It’s not like a watch where it’s feasible to have an overlapping adjustable strap.

      1. Agreed. It would require a mini speaker and microphone hole on the ring. It would communicate directly with the phone and require it. It would have no screen, though it could send to the watch or phone. Its purpose would be instant access. No digging through pockets. No requiring two hangs to push up sleeves, or twist arm to read. Your thumb is always there right next to your Pointer finger. Eyes free you can click, say or ask whatever, and hear the reply.

        Probably the purpose of the I watch will be the biometric sensors. I don’t figure they’ll fit into the ring.

    1. No. Apple will offer a flexible inductive charger you put under your bed-sheet and the iWatch will charge up as you sleep without having to remove the device. Just make sure you don’t have a pacemaker in your abdomen.

      1. Induction charging will add a bit of bulk to the iWatch because you need to put an induction coil in the back in order to receive the charge wirelessly.

        Another question with induction charging is how do you transfer data to/from the iWatch to your Mac, assuming you want to transfer songs, movies, podcasts, etc. Yes, it can be done wirelessly (over WiFi), but then what happens when your iWatch goes on the blink (needs to be recovered) or requires an OS update. Apple always obliges you to have a solid wired connection in those cases for recovery purposes.

  2. Assuming the iWatch had the capability to function on its own with its own set of apps and internal flash memory as well as function as an extension to the iPhone/iPad via a Bluetooth connection, I’d buy one. I don’t know what apps it will run on its own vs. apps that are an extension of the iPhone but I would have thought that telling time, fitness tracker, listening to music, watching videos over AirPlay (via Apple TV WiFi) and probably Siri (if it had a built in WiFi antenna) would be apps that could run off the iWatch exclusively. Those alone will induce me to buy one.

    Probably enhanced features will be onscreen mapping directions, SMS, iMessage, accepting/declining calls, reminders, calendar events, responding to e-mails, etc. Rather than whipping out the iPhone, I can quickly reply via Siri and send off the reply via the iWatch through a BT link with the iPhone.

    I have a set of BT headphones that I can use to pair with the iWatch and use that to listen to music while on the treadmill. I think it’ll be a sleeper hit.

    1. On a related topic, one story we haven’t had this winter is the annual story about Apple having to reduce production of iPhones. It’s usually a story put about when Apple eases back the throttle after the rush to stockpile huge quantities for the holiday season and also in anticipation of production being slightly slowed during the Chinese New Year, but it’s always portrayed as meaning trouble for Apple and the stock price takes a hit.

      The fact that this particular story hasn’t surfaced this time around suggests that sales of iPhone could be pretty impressive and that production has to continue at close to peak capacity in order to meet demand.

  3. Whoa! Just a couple of weeks ago everyone was in a glee-filled tizzy that Apple hit some sort of a huge production barrier due to so many manufacturing problems with the iWatch. Now they’re saying it will be ready for the summer? One never knows which story to believe.

    1. I don’t think there are technical limitations to releasing an iWatch, not really if you think about it. Apple have already released a quasi iWatch – an iPod nano 6th generation – that can be used as a template for an iWatch. No trouble at all. The only question is to what extent miniaturisation will allow the cramming of an A7 processor so that apps will run at speed. Not even an A7 is necessary I don’t think, an A6 will do just as well, so they can share the CPU production line with an iPhone 4S which uses the A6.

      1. Nobody yet has produced the new design for a watch – everything we have seen to date is based upon a 50+ yr old mechanical designs recreated in plastic or Alu.
        The computational requirement for a watch is nothing. The whole issue is what else is included.
        For my 2 cents, the unique form factor will be determined by the screen and if I were looking for a design style I’d go back a lot further to broad cuff bracelet ( like my grandfather wore in copper – because he thought it a measure to combat arthritus ) So, no strap, no buckle, no blob of a box of electronics but instead a cuff the includes integral proximity charging cells and a wrap around touch display – no buttons or openings and flexible like a bracelet.

  4. I’d like to see a standalone device that serves as an iPhone, iPod, watch and maybe a calculator. No browser. No email. No text. Maybe a camera. Nothing else. In this, all the pitchfork wielders can have their tiny phones and their pocketless spandex pants, too. Meanwhile, I’ll have my 4.7″ do-it-all pocket computer iPhoneX. And peace shall reign. Lord Ive, I will require one month’s notice to relocate, but it’ll be worth it as I will also fix GUI standards for ya.

  5. Think the iWatch will be a biometric wonderland with sensors for heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, and perhaps even blood sugar. If any of these become critical it will be able to signal for help probably by calling 911 through your iPhone.

    The M7 chip will be extended as the low powered center for processing all of this data. Who wouldn’t want this safe guard.

  6. And here’s what the English-language translated article looked like before they pulled it:

    [Digital Daily reporter hanjuyeop ] LG display Apple iPad to be mounted on a small watch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panel was selected as sole supplier .

    20 days , according to industry sources , LG Display is coming from the third quarter to 1.52 inches OLED panel mass production . The initial production volume will scale the May 2000000 . LG Display, Apple’s made ​​by the panel of smart clock kids watch ( tentative name) will be mounted . Kids watch is said to be released later this year . Initial orders for the iPhone usually display panel in February 400-5000000 conservative given that number, but the production potential of LG Display , Apple , yield the same consideration and decision. It is also the first entry in the smart watch market conservatively estimated initial volume to one of the reasons .

    LG Display in Paju 3.5 generation low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) factory of AP2 line (E2) of the initial version of the flexible display substrate based on plastic OLED panel production. LG Display is a 3.5 -generation line of AP2-E2 (730 × 920 ㎜) 2 substrate (730 × 460 ㎜) and cut back the organic material deposition process is performed , such as split ‘2 ‘way to introduce total production potential haedun state approximately 1 million discs per month will scale the input . One official said, ” Watch for the display of area shipments are not large enough , because the current production capacity to digest, but the children also watch plenty of customers is increasing shipments hwadoemyeon will not be forced to embark on new investment ,” he said.

    Apple -based plastic substrate of the OLED display as specified by the child watch because the backlight unit (BLU) for writing a liquid crystal display (LCD) is because thin and light compared . The smaller the size of the OLED brightness is high, power consumption is less as it is reportedly the reason of choice .

    Meanwhile, a representative for the past six days hansangbeom LG Display (local time) ‘2014 International CES ‘ is held in Las Vegas held a press conference ” method for mobile OLED glass substrate is not a business plan ,” said ” ( to implement flexible displays a ) focus on plastic products , “he said. He said, ” ( like Apple ) mobile OLED glass substrate makers want finished plastic products are good , but the sales equation ,” said ” the future of plastic OLED to knock car market ,” he said.

  7. in my mind’s eye, i can already see apple’s pretty new technology adorning my wrist. if i squint real hard i can even see my receipt. apparently, i purchased it for $199.

      1. really? not too much harder, i hope, i’m getting an eyelash. i suppose i could fork up another hundred. it better look damned nice, have siri and part of its brain better be in a cloud.

        oh, yeah ..and a long battery life. oh, and another thing better complement my nicer lingerie cuz when i’m walking around the house with the shades down, i’m gonna wanna have it on, talking to me, monitoring my heartbeat, looking up recipes, telling me when the walking dead is on and calculating my net worth.

        that’s not too much to ask, is it? it is an apple product, after all.

        1. Chanel’s double bracelets on spiky elf’s elbows in this gallery posted today give me new ideas. (#1 closeup and #4, see them on her knees as well.) Haute Couture + Apple Genius = super heroine total biometry.

          1. sometimes, fashion is divine and sometimes, it’s like real bad music, you know, like hillbilly banjo rap. hahaha! uugh. i love it though when fashion designers take risks. i used to be addicted to watching ‘style’ with elsa klensch. anyway, that’s one of the things i like about apple …being so design conscious, that is since sj came back when they bought next. his zen sensibilities were so appreciated. he’s so missed.

            1. Zen hug from Hannah.

              When Steve came back in 1997 he found a neglected Jonathan Ive, appreciated and embraced him, and the rest is history. Detractors denounced his farming out of UI design with but a sketchy directive of unity. But Ive’s genius lay in the physical, the human form factor. Its marriage to UI design is still emerging, a fact of life in the fashion world but one which technophiles seemingly have difficulty comprehending in theirs. But there will be convergence, sooner rather than later.

              The intermediate forms of wearable technology will be fad and fashion just as much as haute couture or utilitarian dress, but my belief is that in the end, Apple will succeed, by persisting in its pursuit of the godlike formula: me = style + substance.

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