Apple may have generated $60 billion of revenue in Christmas quarter

“Apple has scheduled its December quarter results [Q114] to be released on Monday, January 27, with its conference call at 2:00 pm Pacific Time,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “I estimate that the company could report $59.8 billion in revenue and $14.64 in EPS due to the iPhone 5c and 5s being launched in more countries than the iPhone 5 a year ago and iPad’s doing well. To reach $60 billion in revenue Apple will need to have sold 400,000 more iPhones or 500,000 more iPads than I am projecting.”

“Revenue guidance is $55 to $58 billion and I am projecting $59.8 billion or 3.1% above guidance,” Jones writes. “This would be a 9.6% increase from last years $54.4 billion and up 59.5% from the September quarter. In the December 2012 quarter the $54.4 billion in revenue was $2.5 billion above the $52 billion guidance or 4.8% and increased 51.6% sequentially.”

“I am projecting $14.64 in EPS,” Jones writes. “iPhones: Projecting 57.5 million to have been sold… iPad: Expect that 25.7 million could have been sold… I am projecting that Apple’s Mac product line could have reached 4.825 million units sold.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Ah, yes. Apple earnings season. Time for all the analysts to trot out their overinflated revenue projections so that the WSJ can claim Apple missed expectations when they come in within their own projections.

    1. Quick everybody with Apple inc. shares! sell them!! Sell them all!!! If you still haven’t sold them when I implored you to sell them for a second time within this statement, then DO SO NOW!!!!
      Ps. whilst you are waiting for the cash to come in before Apple inc. shares crash, empty the bath water and confirm that the baby has gone down the plug hole! Pack your relatives and send them to a nursing home! even better a lunatic asylum, at least they wont cost you any money there!! and last but not least, have your self sectioned to stop yourself investing in Apple inc. shares in the future!!!
      You know……. because Apple is a DCW! 🙂

  2. Forget it with these belated increased revenue figures. The NYT already reported sluggish China Mobile iPhone sales so the damage has already been done. Chuck Jones’ words carry no weight at all. Apple’s share price will remain in the toilet for the entire day. Just pray that Apple continues to buy up shares on the drop although I’m not even certain that will help to any degree. If Wall Street wants Apple shareholders to feel pain, then it’s max pain they will feel.

    Don’t trust any of these advance revenue numbers because they don’t mean anything. Apple will most certainly miss expectations and the share price will drop. It’s practically a given. Investors have pretty much soured on this stock and even struggling Hewlett-Packard’s shareholders will see far better gains. I simply hope Apple raises dividends again this year and I’ll just have to settle for that.

    1. I have to agree with everything you’ve posted here, LB48. Our only hope for the next two quarters (at least) with AAPL is a significant increase in the quarterly dividend. It must be a minimum of 25%, but I suspect that 50% would not be out of the question. (A handful of other tech stocks have posted such an increase, so hope springs.) Clearly, something reasonably dramatic must be done to prevent a Wall Street melt down of this great equity. But then again, I could be wrong.

  3. “Quick, lets adjust our numbers so we don’t look like bigger idiots then we really are. Then if Apple doesn’t beat our NEW numbers, we can say they missed our expectations and say, see I told you so.”

    I despise them. Grrrrrr

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