iPhone ownership surges to 42 percent of U.S. smartphones

As more US consumers migrate to smartphones, they are increasingly opting for iPhones and Samsung Android phones. According to the Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report from The NPD Group, over the past year, smartphone penetration increased from 52 percent in Q4 2012 to six-in-ten cell phone users in Q4 2013.

Apple and Samsung were the winners as more consumers migrated to their flagship devices. iPhone ownership increased from 35 percent in Q4 2012 to 42 percent in Q4 2013. Likewise, Samsung Android phones increased from 22 percent of smartphones owned in Q4 2012 to 26 percent in Q4 2013. In contrast, fewer smartphone owners reported having an HTC, Motorola, or Blackberry device in Q4 2013.

The NPD Group/Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report
Source: The NPD Group/Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report

As smartphone penetration increased over the past year, so has consumers’ data usage, which went from 5.5 GB per month in Q4 2012 to 6.6 GB per month in Q4 2013.

Data is sourced from an on-device meter “SmartMeter” leveraging a three month rolling panel that provides the equivalent base of 4,500 smartphone users. The panel is weighted and representative of the Android and iPhone U.S. smartphone base. The data was collected between September and November 2013 and compared to trends from the same period in 2012.

Source: NPD Group, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s right, iPhone knockoffs continue to lose share.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Bill” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Wow. Comparing Android feature phones to Apple iPhones is like comparing bicycles and cars. Yes, they both have wheels and people sit on them to travel. But, they are not in the same market.

  1. But, but, Samsung is winning.

    You think these clueless talking heads would understand that iOS devices have a halo effect and because they are passed to others in the family and keep staying up to date at the current iOS level, people stick with the device that holds their existing apps and work seamlessly with their other devices and computers (Macs). Ex.) This years iPhone 5S works fine with the all of my old iPads.

    Once you go iOS you never go back!!!

  2. It’s definitely nice to hear that many Americans are buying products from an American company. You’ve got all these jackasses insisting that Apple bring back manufacturing to American soil and then they go out and buy Samsung products. Screw that. You’d better believe most South Koreans are buying South Korean-made smartphones. I’ll bet Samsung has more than 70% of the S. Korean smartphone market.

    People are entitled to buy whoever’s product they want to buy and that’s fair enough, but they shouldn’t have any say about where or how those companies should build those products. Wall Street is not going to give Apple a free pass if margins drop because American labor is costlier. I heard Samsung is looking for even cheaper labor in Vietnam which is quite a bit less than than the labor costs in China. Samsung wants to increase profits but I don’t hear anyone bitching and whining like they do about Apple.

    1. That’s because Samsung doesn’t lie about what they do.

      You know Apple is just a rebrander for devices from Foxconn and Pegatron, right?

      Also, you might want to look at the Gartner reports. They are much more accurate of actual usage and sales of devices.

      Be prepared though, they tell the truth, and I know that the 79% Android number will probably scare you.

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