Adobe adds new 3D printing capabilities to Photoshop CC

“Adobe is cranking up the buzz around Photoshop CC, its flagship imaging app, with the debut of new 3D printing capabilities,” Jackie Dove reports for Macworld. “Photoshop artists can now easily refine, preview, prepare, and print 3D designs to a 3D printer right from Photoshop CC.”

“This launch into the 3D printing space is part of a larger round of upgrades to its Creative Cloud designer and photography apps,” Dove reports. “To facilitate the printing of 3D content, Adobe announced it has partnered with MakerBot for 3D printers, Shapeways for 3D materials, and Sketchfab for embedded interactive 3D online viewing of models within its Behance website option.”

“Adobe Creative Cloud is available via subscription for $50 per month (based on a year’s subscription),” Dove reports. “Individual apps are available for $20 per month. The Photoshop Photography Program — which includes Lightroom, 20GB of cloud storage, and a Behance website, is still $10 a month, for a limited time.”

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  1. Hell will freeze over before I am held to ransom by Adobe. I was recently briefly tempted to give in and rent the one application I wanted because it did not seem all that expensive. I changed my mind pretty quick when I saw how they handled VAT (sales tax). I live in the UK but Adobe add a higher rate of tax than the UK rate because of the way they have set up business in Europe. So not only do this greedy bunch want to hold me to ransom they want me to pay a higher tax rate for the privilege. Some deal !! They wonder why people pirate their software. Perhaps they should consider giving customers a fair deal. Time for someone to give them some real competition in the professional market.

    1. Forgot to add my tired tirade: Apple, please buy Adobe with cash and rule the graphics software world. Just don’t force all of us into iOS flatness or lifelessness.

      Nothing wrong with fully stocked Victorian living rooms. Or not? That is why Apple needs to offer CHOICE.

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