Google Play Movies & TV for iOS now available on Apple’s App Store

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS offers a way for Google Play customers to view their content on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,” AppleInsider reports.

“Users can sign in and browse through their collection of videos, but Google has opted not to activate purchases, possibly because Apple would get a percentage of each sale,” AppleInsider reports. “Instead, users must visit the Google Play website to buy movies and TV shows, which are then made available on the iOS app for streaming over Wi-Fi.”

AppleInsider reports, “Currently, the app does not allow offline viewing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone for an App Store “Ignore” button?


  1. Dude just jailbreak and run Xbmc. Watch anything you want. However steaming anymore is expensive except on wifi. Why pay google though when iTunes has stuff. If your going to pay for it.

  2. The bright side of this Google offering: it helps Apple’s antitrust compliance. More “competition” in its ecosystem surely helps.

    I imagine 95% of regular iPhone lovers will never notice, because the iTunes store is excellent. Most (99%) of its offerings are reasonably priced, too.

  3. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

    On the one hand, f*** Google.

    On the other hand, this will probably piss off some fandroids who more than anything want Google to create exclusive services and content to gain a leg up on iOS. And pissed-off fandroids are always a good thing.

    (Seriously, I once had an argument with a guy who was certain that Google would make YouTube Channel content exclusive to Android. I tried explaining that doing that would hurt Google’s bottom line, but he couldn’t be convinced.)


    1. Youtube on safari for PC is no longer going to be supported once Gcrookle terminate its availability on Safari for the PC. They have already started warning Safari users who try to access it currently.

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