Apple will put Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard out of business

“Companies such as Microsoft and HP are completely lost,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Unlike Apple, they’re not creating new categories and reinventing and redefining past successes — as has been the case with iPhone and iPad. Instead, they’re taking last gasps at somebody else’s brainchild (i.e., the 3D printing push at HP) and feebly attempting to make up for embarrassing missteps (i.e., Windows 8 and all-in-ones at MSFT).”

“Meantime, Apple continues to operate independent of all this noise. With tunnel vision, Timothy D. Cook and his team dictate the pace in consumer and, increasingly, enterprise tech. HP’s already gone. What they’re doing barely warrants coverage,” Pendola writes. “But, at Microsoft, the real blood is about to hit the streets. This company is scrambling to stay relevant. Outside of Xbox, which it has failed to properly integrate into the Windows/Office whole, Microsoft has got nothing.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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      1. @CrabApple: You poor youngster! I can’t believe that this much time has elapsed and no one has explained mrbezoar’s comment to you. It’s a quote from the goon Terry (played by Marlon Brando) in the movie “On the Waterfront”. It was really quite a good movie.

      2. Think nothing of the cultural gibes, Crabapple, some of us recognise you as a serious student of technology and the arts. Indeed, all of us are ourselves journeymen at best in this whirligig we call life, despite our best pretensions at playing the master.

    1. Me, so I can complete the screw up and take a nice package. Then I could afford all the Apple goodies I want. You don’t have to be good at anything to get rich as a CEO of a large corporation, you just need to get the job and your set for life, Just ask Steve B..

    2. Doesn’t matter, whoever it is will make millions of dollars, regardless, win or lose. What’s a little shame if I’m a multimillionaire? Hell Gates and Ballmer are billionaires, and they have no guilt or feel any shame whatsoever.

  1. HP always has their printers. Unless Apple wants that too someday. As for Microsoft, I can’t think of anything they are good at yet. Maybe 10 or 20 years down the road they will … No, I still have nothing in mind for Microsoft.

    Ok, lighting! They could turn that “Blue Screen of Death” into some very pretty lighting. Maybe not, I will keep thinking about it. They could just return the investors money like Dell did while they have some.

    1. I bought my LAST HP printer two years ago after 20 years. HP Printers are junk. Try and Epson or Canon – you know someone that wants your business and makes a good product.

      My Epson Workforce 845 is the best printer I’ve ever owned.

    2. Hp should get Apple to let them license the whole iPad and make industrial-strength versions for “real workers” (seismology/geophysics/geology — Sheldon’s “Dirt People” — and others). All the add-on cases and stuff are crap, and in the sunshine… iPads and iPod touches are not very good in the field. We have over 100 touches and they, and their cables, aren’t doing very well. HP used to be really good at that kind of stuff.

    1. Leave it to silverhawk to resort to nonrelevant character attack rather than discussing the subject….

      Really, nobody cares who declares “x company is dying”, what matters is if that person has solid evidence to support his claim. In this case, death may be exaggerated. Not because Apple couldn’t outcompete these companies head on, but because Apple has always — and apparently always will — refuse to do so.

      HP makes superb printers, laboratory electronics, and so forth. Carly Fiorina may have seriously wounded HP by driving the company to be a consumer PC box builder, but corrective actions are slowly bringing balance back to the company. HP has technical strongholds that few companies — including Apple — could easily supersede. HP may become a smaller company, but Apple has no interest in killing it.

      As for Microsoft, it’s going the way of IBM. Despite its horrid consumer products, its pro products remain indispensible for many industries. Again, its great to see them suffer from their obvious mis-steps, but their death is exaggerated.

      Silver, see how easy it was to have a conversation without personal attack?

      1. Excellent logical analysis. Your predictions sound just about right and spot on. Time will tell. Hard to believe it was 16 years ago Apple was on the ropes, and there was talk of Microsoft being forced to break up because they were too big and abusing their monopoly. Jobs had the last laugh after all. Too bad he’s not here to enjoy it.

    1. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view Widows XP is EOL in April. MS is leaving it to the Virus generators to do any further updates after that.

      1. XP EOL?!
        That’s amazing. There are a LOT of businesses running on the ol’ XP.
        I wonder how many of those businesses will switch to Apple when the decision needs to be made.
        Sure, the IT dinosaurs will try desperately to convince the bosses that new Windows machines are the only answer.
        But more and more bosses are using their own iPhones and iPads and their kids are using iOS devices too.
        The bosses won’t be so easily smoke-screened this time.

        I wonder if we’ll see the biggest jump in Apple marketshare ever, come April.

        *fingers crossed*

  2. If you want to have some fun, next time you are in a business meeting with IT people ask them this question:

    What are we going to do when Microsoft goes away?

    Every time I do this I first get stunned silence. Then, the IT people reluctantly admit that that day is on the horizon, but they have no solution. That’s when I say, that’s why we are moving to iPads.

    I wish it wasn’t so much fun to stick a dagger in a dying entity.

    1. I learnt some time ago, in a room full of information technologists, to keep a low profile, not only as a member of a conspicuous minority, but in acknowledgement of a powerful and controlling world view. One must do business in such an environment, and that is seldom accomplished by provocation. In due time, my place on the agenda would arrive and I would carefully navigate the minefield of expertly devised traps. In my limited experience, this was stress its most distilled form.

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