Analyst: Apple’s iPhone may come in three screen sizes this year

“Apple’s iPhone may have three screen sizes in 2014, according to analyst Brian J. White of Cantor Fitzgerald, citing checks,” StreetInsider reports. “Apple may launch the larger-sized smartphones at different times, he said.”

“‘Our research checks yesterday suggest that Apple could unveil two larger iPhone screen sizes this year, a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch. Given Apple’s pattern of keeping at least one older iPhone model alive, this would equate to a total of three iPhone screen sizes for consumers to choose from this year. Another incremental data point we uncovered yesterday was the notion that there would be a staggered launch of the two, larger-sized iPhones,’ said White,” StreetInsider reports. “”

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    1. So what facts have you added here, Breeze? Pot, meet kettle.

      No one knows for certain what Apple will do, and it does no good to bitch about what someone speculates. Everyone speculates. If you can’t refute their assessments with better logic and data, then let it go.

      Besides, White can’t be that far off. The pressure to offer more hardware options with the iPhone has been incessant for a few years now. Larger cost-effective high Retina-resolution displays are available. There are a number of people who claim that 4.75″ screens are the “sweet spot” for typical adult single-hand use.. But in rapidly growing markets like China where many users can’t justify the cost of both iPhone and iPad/Mac, many people are compromising by purchasing the biggest smartphone they can get their hands on, even if it forces them to use both hands. If that’s what they want, why would it possibly be bad for Apple to meet their needs? It’s not as though Apple doesn’t have the money to develop more diverse iPhone models profitably. This isn’t 1999.

        1. I see “cloud computing” as being the embodiment of the world predicted in Orwell’s ‘1984’.

          Being able to choose one’s screen size just comes down to good competition in the marketplace. Apple simply offers fewer choices than the competition, so it’s inevitable that it’s going to continue to miss some customers — and yes, some very profitable customers — who want what Apple won’t give them. …and just because they buy Android devices doesn’t make them stupid or cheap or a “loser”, as Troy crudely accuses. I see more and more older folks with fat phones — they care more about display & legibility than brand name or OS. And frankly, a lot of them cross shopped iPhones and didn’t like the look of iOS7 either. Apple has some work to do if it wants to win these customers.

  1. I think Apple will not stray from the “one hand rule”. So they may consider two phone sizes. They’ll keep the current 4.0″ size for most women/kids. They’ll release a new larger 4.5″ to 4.7″ size for men. The resolution on the new screen will be twice that of the 4.0″ i.e 2272 x 1280.

    1. 4″ isn’t just for women and kids. My hands require XXL men’s gloves, but I don’t want a larger iPhone than the 5S I have now. I’ve held a number of phones in the 4.5″-4.7″ range, and I find them to be awkward. No matter what size hands you have, when you increase the distances between tapping points on screen, thumbs tire faster, and the overall experience can become wearisome. This may not matter for those who spend most of their iPhone time watching video or scrolling web pages, but truly active smartphone use requires a lot of thumb movement, for which smaller screens are generally more efficient. Large phones are also much more difficult to use as cameras when held out with one hand for selfies, or shot from alternative vantage points. I predict that if/when Apple releases larger screen iPhones, there will be an initial movement in that direction from those who have wanted them all along, and a few who haven’t taken the time to try larger devices and think through the downsides, but that when the dust, and carrier contracts, have settled, many will return to smaller phones for their portability and usability, men and women alike.

        1. But, but, but some of us 50+ year olds have presbyopia (not a religion) and cannot make out fine text. So a larger phone would be extremely helpful. I’m not saying take away the 4 inch, but a lot of us old fogies will buy up the 4.7 inch in a heartbeat should they become available.

      1. That is why we have an option to buy an ipad mini. Don’t try to squeeze everything in the same device as Microsoft tried to do with the surface because they will fail.
        Need something portable that fits in your jeans, an iphone, need bigger screen, iPad mini or iPad, is that simple.
        Poor people like android users can’t afford that, that is why they have those ridiculous phanablets.

  2. @Tim Cook’s middle nut

    But only if they can build a 566-odd ppi display (HTC One is highest currently as far as I can tell at 440 ppi).
    Otherwise they’d have to maintain 1136 x 640 and drop the ppi back down to 284 ppi for a 4.6in display.

    Can you imagine the hissy fits if they did that? However, this is effectively what they do for the iPads, though they tend to be held farther away.

    1. Why not 1920×1080? At 440ppi, that comes out to be a 5″ screen.

      At the same pixel count, 464 ppi results in a 4.75″ screen.

      Or perhaps Apple could “think different” and offer a circular screen to match Ive’s latest iOS7 theme. Polar mapping of pixels, just to be different.

      1. They’d rather not give the developers the headache of multiple screen sizes or rather app artwork requirements. The retina/non-retina thing works because it’s transparent to the developer. The device scaling factor takes care of it all and is likely to be problematic if it isn’t a power of two.
        However, if they manage to overcome that – even if only philosophically – it might be that they go this way?
        440 ppi @ 2272 x 1280 comes out at 5.9in diagonal – too large? I think this is one of the issues with it all; are you going to please everybody and how big is this part of the market anyway.

  3. No. People just don’t get it; Apple is dedicated to good design.

    Phablets are tacky, they don’t make aesthetic sense, therefore Apple will not do it. They are not as foolish as the rest of the market who think “bigger is always better”.

    If I’m wrong and Apple does start making phablets, I will be extremely disappointed in both Cook & Ive. Especially Ive. An artist should know better.

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