iPhone phablet to debut in May; iPhone 6 to launch in September, reports claim

“Apple’s bigger iPhone model(s) that keep popping up in rumors may be unveiled sooner than expected, a report from Chinese publication Huanqiu (via Yahoo Japan) indicates, as the company is said to be planning to debut the iPhone phablets as a separate product line in May,” Chris Smith reports for BGR.

“However, these devices will not be part of the iPhone 6 family of smartphones, which will launch later this year as expected, most likely in September,” Smith reports. “The iPhone phablets will reportedly pack a display that’s bigger than 5 inches and a 20 nanometer processor made by TSMC that’s either going to be a new A8 processor or a revamped A7 CPU.”

“A report from South Korean publication ET News said the iPhone 6 will be released in September and will feature a slimmer profile than its predecessor,” Smith reports. “The same story said that the price of the iPhone 5s will go down to $100 in May for reasons unknown, but a phablet launch would certainly explain the price drop.”

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    1. The Samsung Death March begins in 2014. I would love to see the sagging face of Chairman Lee as he begins this new journey of deflating fortunes. Of course he will wonder why, this is the fate of those who fool themselves as well.

    1. It’s because this Apple “phablet” is just the existing iPad mini (cellular version), with new software and wireless plans that lets customers make cell phone calls. 🙂

      1. total fail then. a phone should be able to fit easily in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. iPad mini can’t. plus you’d look like a fool holding something that big on your face

        1. LOL… People who hold up their giant Samsung phones to their face already look like fools, and they put their giant Samsung phones in their back pocket, because it won’t easily fit in the front pocket of their pair of “skinny” jeans. I know this, because I always see them taking it out before sitting down… 🙂

          An iPad mini with voice calling capability would be used mostly from a backpack, handbag, or other carrying appliance, and controlled with the headset, using the simple buttons and Siri to access your contact list or simple Internet-based lookup. You’d only need to bring it out, if you needed to input a particular phone number (and you’d still use the headset to talk).

          Hey, if it’s going to be “bigger than 5 inches,” just skip ahead to 8 inches already…

  1. Hasen’t the Apple phoblet* been predicted to be “out in a couple months) every month for the last 3 years?

    * It’s not phablet. It’s a mash up oaf tablet and phone so it’s a phoblet (you have to at least take the vowel from the first word). It’s just that the marketing guru’s at googol and samesung thought that phoblet sounded too much like faux-blet (which would be a “fake” or false tablet) and decided to call them phablets (for fabulous – tablets ) because it sounded better.
    So it’s a phoblet to me (uncanny though, just how accurate that mashup turned out to be. 😉 )


  2. I actually want an Apple phone that is SMALLER, not larger. I want a sliver of a phone, not a monstrosity. Even the current iPhone 5c/5s is too big… It’d doesn’t need to run iOS apps, as long as it has a set of useful built-in apps for things most people do with a PHONE. I have my Mac and iPad with their BIG screens for running “apps.”

    (Maybe I just need to “watch” for it. 🙂 )

  3. All these useless analyst stories are just that, they are wish lists, noting more.. When was the last time any prediction months in advance of any actual product releases was even close..

    I don’t see Apple giving Samsung any space to gloat they did something first with their useless Phablets.. which make users look like they are holding bricks to their heads.

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