Best Buy offers 16GB iPhone 5s for $125, 16GB iPhone 5c for free in New Year’s promo

“Best Buy, which began offering the 16GB iPhone 5c for free with a contract at its stores and website on December 29, has now upped the ante on the promotion with a discount on the 16GB model of the more advanced iPhone 5s, which is down to $125 (originally $200) through all major carriers until Sunday, January 5,” Electronista reports. “The offer is available now online, with the in-store price dropping on Friday.”

“The company is also offering $100 off the retail price of any current non-Retina MacBook Pro models, with that sale also scheduled to end after Saturday both in-store and online,” Electronista reports. “In the few remaining states with no sales tax, the savings can be quite significant — dropping the cost by well over $200 compared to the normal price with sales tax.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I took advantage of the Best Buy deal and got myself a 32Gb iPhone 5s. They also gave me $50 for my iPhone 4. I literally got it for half price and am pretty happy.

  2. I got the same deal from Best Buy before Christmas for a Lady friend’s gift.

    Actually, it was a week after I paid the $200 and they credited my card with $75.

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