What we might expect from Apple in 2014

“Tech journalists don’t often have to battle our way across hostile terrain in sub-zero temperatures, fight crocodiles with our bare hands or abseil from helicopters to rescue hostages (though that remains my cover story for the time I broke my elbow by tripping up in an airport),” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “We do, however, occasionally do something almost as dangerous: make predictions about the tech future, knowing full well that our words remain forever archived on the web for people to dust off a year from now and gleefully point out just how wrong we were.”

“This is never more risky than in the case of Apple, a company notoriously secretive about its activities, and where there are way more false rumors than reliable ones,” Lovejoy writes. “But hey, what’s life without a little adventure? So here are my predictions on what I think we can expect from Apple next year.”

• A larger-screened iPhone: Likelihood? 90%
• A larger iPad: Likelihood? 75%
• Thunderbolt 4K display: Likelihood? 90%
• Apple 4K Television: Likelihood: 50%
• iWatch: Likelihood: 90%
• More interesting & exciting Apple Stores: Likelihood: 90%

Tons more – full in-depth explantations of each possibility – in the full article here.


  1. Unless a bigger iPad is something more than just a bigger iPad, I do not see it happening at all. That we haven’t seen parts floating around like we did for the mini and air 8 months or more before their unveiling says we wouldn’t be seeing such a thing any time soon at least.

    1. Why wouldn’t bigger iPads be coming ? I think it’s not a question of “if” but “when”. MacBooks and iMacs all come in various sizes it’s only a matter of time for iPads too. There has simply been too much talk about them lately to ignore. Including rumours that they are currently being tested. Same kind of rumors like parts floating around.

  2. A vastly improved iOS 7, hopefully. I have an iPad Air which is running the latest version of iOS 7 and I have to say that it cheapens the look of the iPad. The iPad itself is a beautifully engineered piece of hardware but iOS 7 imparts it with a scent of cheapness, like cheap perfume dosed in overly large quantities.

    The flat icons are confusing to look at with 2-D sameness splashed all over the place. There are no special distinguishing features, unlike iOS 6, which made the iPad beautiful enough to make you want to lick. iOS 7 makes the iPad look like a cheap knockoff Kindle.

    It’s unfortunate that they appointed a hardware designer with zero software experience to lead the development of software that underpins every iOS device. That’s one of the reasons why I withheld from buying an iPhone 5S. I have the 5 and iOS 7 makes it look like ugly junk.

    I’m afraid the forced convergence between iOS 7 and Android and WP8 has the overall effect of cheapening the look and feel of iOS devices, so much so that the flatness combined with the generic badly designed icons make it look like a refugee from the 1990’s.

    It’s a sad day in tech when Apple is in a position of follower rather than leader, borrowing discarded concepts from WebOS, Android and WP8 and liberally sprinkling ugliness all over iOS 7.

    1. Do you honestly think that your pointless rants about the aesthetics of iOS 7 will change anyone’s opinions? You are in the minority here. Everyone I know (including me) has updated to iOS 7 and I can say as a FACT that the design of iOS 7 is objectively better than iOS 6. (And Android Kandy Kane, for that matter)
      Are you frustrated that iOS 7 is the most popular mobile OS, and that you are stuck on Gingerbread, and pretending to be a dissatisfied Apple customer (ha! As if!) can make you feel better about having an objectively useless OS, both in terms of aesthetics and usability? Go back to Android Authority, and complain about iOS 7 there all you want, because NO ONE here cares.

      1. No FACTS presented that PROVE the design is empirically better in iOS 7. Simply an opinion.

        Regarding adoption rate, the numbers are good.

        To borrow a parallel construction example from your post — everyone I know that upgraded to iOS 7 hates the thin Tim look and some went back to iOS 6.

        It is one thing to tout concrete adoption rate numbers. Missing the flip side of the coin and neglecting counting buyer remorse numbers or mere move on settlers, would certainly paint a completely different picture.

        Lies, damn lies and statisticians …

        1. How did they go back to iOS 6? Please enlighten. Please!!! I know you can’t do it from iTunes because it actually asks Apple for permission over the Internet, which is another goddamn bloody travesty. F-ing control freaks

      2. You are really full of it. You really believe, after the way this person wrote the post, that they are not an Apple customer ? Please…
        Why would an android user praise iOS6 and iPad Air hardware like that ? You just can’t accept the fact that many of us real Apple customers are freaking unhappy with iOS 7 tarnishing our devices. This poster actually took words from my mouth. I too just paid almost $1000 for an iPad air 128GB (thanks to Canadian tax) and if you don’t believe me I’ll send you a goddamn screenshot of my freaking usage settings.
        I said the same thing, that a hardware designer with zero experience has no business designing a software UI! And it was so because Tim Cook who had zero experience on the technology side of the business put Ive in charge!
        Yes, many of us do care here and we are not android trolls. I for one would hope that Apple is f-ing listening!
        I also very strongly believe that Steve Jobs would despise the UI and never would’ve let it out the door!
        You know what would shut me up as well as all the other valid iOS 7 haters? Skins and/ or colour & font scheme control like many serious O/S’s support.
        Let me be clear. I do like many iOS 7 features. I just cannot stand the look and feel of the UI and many of the idiotic changes made to many built-in Apple apps.

        1. You state: “I also very strongly believe that Steve Jobs would despise the UI and never would’ve let it out the door!”

          Steve Jobs is dead, and you morons that make statements like this should get a clue. The Apple of Steve Jobs is no more nor will it ever be. Get over it.

    2. Maybe that’s why the art director for the NY-times was hired. Someone with experience in high end page design. The look of iOS 7 does look rushed and unprofessional. It could use some help.

    3. Totally agree o7 run GREAT. BUT WHITE MENU BARS POOR CHOICE

      A Scripture App available on the 1st iPod Touch had and still has 35 variety of Backgrounds.
      If you could change the color of ALL MENU BARS everyone would be HAPPY

  3. Well, let’s pull numbers out of thin air to provide the appearance of scientific validity!

    The only exciting thing here would be a 4k Apple display, preferably at least 30″ in size. That, released in conjunction with upgraded Apple TV units that actually distributed 4K content, would be a huge leap. But Cook never takes huge leaps, so expect Apple TV to get even more stale and needlessly locked-down than it already is.

    All the rest of this rumor roundup is just derivative iOS products or true vaporware that simply doesn’t have much potential. The iWatch and the iTV are incessant rumors that need to die.

    Cook’s “exciting pipeline” will include mild refreshes of laptops and perhaps the Mac mini. And if there is a deity, let us hope updates to iOS so that users can truly change appearances to their liking. Colors and fonts are what made the Mac revolutionary, and now Apple stands in the way of letting the user implement his choice of styles. Call Cook to get an exact probability on that one.

  4. It screams iPhone with wraparound display with bigger screen plus made with sapphire and liquidmetal materials.
    Nobody expected the 64-bit not even the apple blogs.
    I think apple will surprise us this 2014.

  5. I can see the 4K monitor/TV coming out from Apple but the rest of the stuff is just rehashing of recent rumours with much lower probability than what’s stated here IMO.

    What I can see coming is a big leap forward in the Apple TV product morphing it into a lot more than what it is today.

    Car integration or even a car OS seems more likely than larger iPads, larger iPhones or an iWatch.

    Apple innovation often targets technologies that most people use but are frustrating to everyone. By that criteria alone, none of the predictions made in the article would fit. Even the wearable (iWatch) tech is merely a gadget and doesn’t seem to address any real life issues. Not saying Apple won’t do those but I would be surprised that their R&D focus targets mere evolutions, form factor tweaks or solutions without a problem.

    Car computer user interfaces all suck and who isn’t frustrated by the insane number of remotes we have to use for our entertainment centres. That’s where I see Apple bringing killer products in 2014 and the signs are there that these technologies have been in the works for some time.

  6. I dearly hope they do NOT make a larger iPhone. Bigger does NOT always mean better. The iPhone’s current dimensions are aesthetically perfect and convenient. The only thing I want them to do with the screen is make it edge-to-edge.

    An iWatch would be tacky and unnecessary. Please don’t do it, Apple.

    I think the only accurate prediction here is the 4k display.

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