iOS 7 now installed on 78% of active Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices

“The latest official data from Apple reveals that 78 percent of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are running the company’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, up four percentage points from earlier this month,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s figures cover the 7-day period ending Dec. 29, 2013. With iOS 7 covering the lion’s share of Apple mobile devices, iOS 6 remains installed on 18 percent of users’ handsets, while earlier versions of iOS account for 4 percent,” Hughes reports. “The gains made by iOS 7 over the last month came entirely at the hands of iOS 6, which fell from 22 percent at the start of December. Earlier iOS versions remained flat at 4 percent.”

Hughes reports, “With iOS 6 just over a year old, that means that Apple’s two most recent platform releases are installed on a whopping 96 percent of active iPhones, iPads and iPod touch units. In contrast, though Google has not updated its own official developer statistics since Dec. 2, its most recent data showed that just 1.1 percent of Android devices were running that mobile operating system’s latest version, known as Android 4.4 ‘KitKat.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good job there, Fragmandroid.


    1. What’s to hate? iOS 7 was a radical departure visually (though not a bad change if you ask me), but I like how it works far more than any previous iOS version. It just has a few issues that need to be ironed out, which takes time.

      I’m assuming I’m in the minority with that opinion.

      1. I love iOS 7. Yea, it took a little getting used to, but I’d never want to go back. Not to mention, it’s just going to improve and get better in time. Unlike those poor Android users who for the most part are stuck with whatever OS their device shipped with, we iOS users don’t have to struggle with any such constraint.

        1. Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

          I still have the plastic case from my 4th-gen iPod Touch with the “home screen” sticker inside it, and every time I stumble across it, I cringe looking at those “retro iOS” app icons. There are a handful that work better than the iOS 7 icons, but by and large they are dull, lifeless, and look like leftovers of the ’90s rather than part of a cutting-edge mobile device.

          1. I completely agree with both of you. Last month, my wife and I bought iPad minis from Best Buy for the kids for Christmas. When they opened their gifts on Christmas morning, the minis were running iOS 6.

            Wow! What a shock to the system! It had been awhile since I’d used iOS 6, and I was amazed just how old and dated iOS 6 looked compared to the fresh, colorful design in iOS 7! It’s only been a little over six years since the iPhone arrived, but it sure looked like more after looking at iOS 6!

            The iOS 7 haters need to get over themselves and move on with life.

            1. The iOS 7 haters need to get over themselves and move on with life.

              They are, slowly. A few months ago, they would have replied to you, calling you names. Now they just quietly downvote you and go back to shedding tears on their iOS 6 devices.


      2. I doubt you’re in the minority. Don’t confuse a small number of people who whine online with the majority of users. Most people either like iOS 7, or just don’t care.


    2. Don’t be too quick to gloat, yes there are many great features, but still the interface is poor for those of us without perfect eyesight. It has become necessary to change all devices if you change one, otherwise you have trouble with programs such as Pages, therefore a quick rate of activation.

  1. Hello, my name is Lavernti Beria, also known as Josef Stalin’s cook, because I cook the books for Uncle Joe. I hear over at Apple they have their own Cook the cook who cooks their books but that’s another story.

    Anyway, in Soviet Russia, exit polls show 99.9% support for Uncle Joe. A most impressive achievement no? I’ll tell you how I did it. There’s only one party – the Communist Party and only one candidate – Uncle Joe. That’s how I did it.

    Now take this 78% nonsense with iOS 7. Of course they hit 78%. There’s no other choice! Still 78% isn’t yet 99.9%. They have a few things to learn from Mother Russia, let me tell you.

    And by the way you know what? iOS 7 looks like a Soviet creation. Ugly, grey Soviet style graphics, just the way Uncle Joe likes them.

    1. Not funny. You sound like those punk brats that I had to deal with when I went to high school back in the late 80s/early 90s Bronx. And the way you approiated history in such a disrespectful way…Your parents did not raise you well…

  2. These “I hate iOS7” rants sound to me like spoiled, entitled brats who arent thankful for the simple things. You have the most powerful mobile OS, and you whine like a brat because it looks colorful and childish. Sounds like an entitled teen who thjnks Pixar is for babies. If you grew up in 1980s Bronx, you would understand how good you really have it. I was scared for my family when 9/11 happened because I had relatives who lived and worked in Lower Manhattan. Thankfully, they are all alive. People are fake these days, and those that complain about how iOS looks really haven’t gottena dose of real life.

    1. Wait! So because people died on 9/11, we’re not allowed to have opinions on the design decisions made in iOS 7? Really?

      You’re the one who needs to grow up. I kinda saw your point in replying to “Joe’s Cook” (I found it humorous if somewhat out of line for “public consumption”), but this one goes too far.

      I’m 45 and love Pixar movies, btw. 🙂

      1. I made that comparison because people just don’t see the bigger picture. I have dealt with so much BS in my life, and If I sound irrational at times, then so be it. I am a no-nonsense type of person who just does not like immaturity, after dealing with that when I went to NYC’s infamous public schools. Sorry if I came out as a jerk, but that is what you get when you grow up in the type of enviroment I have. And by the way, I have nothing against Pixar. I love their stuff! (Monsters University was kinda weird, but still good). That reference was about how some people think they are too good for things because it does not fit their definition of “mature”. Sorry if there was some misunderstandings.

    2. Sorry but the UI itself in iOS7 is amateurish ugly garbage. The O/S has some nice features but to me they aren’t worth the UI crapiness. It certainly is no more “powerful” than iOS6! I paid over $900 f-ing dollars for my iPad air and can’t stand the UI of 7. I am completely entitled to complain and vent my frustrations about some thing like this considering how much it is used on a daily basis. I am very glad my iPhone 5 is still on iOS 6 and will be for a while.
      BTW, search the web, we iOS7 haters are not a small minority. We are, and in some cases were, real Apple customers. There are petitions to change it and many varying opinions of what people don’t like about it. These are real Apple customers who are not happy. So please spare me your arrogant attitude towards us!
      Hey, how come iOS6 didn’t get so much hate? Gee I wonder. Because Apple didn’t put the hardware guy with ZERO UI design experience in charge of the UI for iOS 6!

  3. I’m one of those that made the jump in the last month. I’m never an early adopter – don’t want the .0 version of anything. 7.01, maybe, but 7.04 seemed a better place to jump in.

    I’m not crazy about some of the changes, but I love the very fact that the font size and bold options are there. I didn’t mind it initially like some did, but do like it better bumped up one size and bold – except in Messages. I don’t like the bold there. Can I turn off just that bold? Actually, I’m probably going to go back to no bold, but still glad it is there. Good move on that part. My least favorite “new” change? The multi page approach to Safari – looking in the top of file folders doesn’t show you what you’re looking at very well. And talk about being skeuomorphic – I didn’t mind the old style, but this is more of what they were removing than what it was, and doesn’t work, imo. I’m adjusting fine, though.

    I’m also one of the old iOS holdouts – my iPhone 3 is now an iPod running iOS 5 (I think) still. Great little wi-fi streaming audio device in our den. 🙂 Used it for listening to an audio book on our Christmas trip, too. Still the best battery ever! 3 days without being plugged in at all!

  4. I can’t see anything that is remotely attractive about iOS 7. iOS7 looks like a fat lumpy misshapen hag who says, hey, nothing a couple of layers of makeup won’t fix.

    No, iOS 7 is fundamentally broken. Have you tried to clear FaceTime missed calls on the Notification Tray? Even if you clear them from the Notification Tray, the badge icon still shows the number of missed calls. It’s little things like that that make using iOS 7 such a chore.

    Badly conceived, badly designed, badly implemented. It’s a complete wreck.

      1. Yeah BS. Many of us wish we could go back to 6 !
        I haven’t met one person who actually LIKES the UI. I read about them here but all I hear from people I ask is “I got used to it” and statements like that.
        My mother who is almost 80 upgraded her iPad 2 without realizing it because of the sneaky way Apple pops up the message box to update the software without explaining the consequences in a casual-user friendly way. She wants to go back because she doesn’t like anything about 7. It’s shameful that Apple has done it this way and more so that we are not “allowed” to downgrade. Actually that part angers me and increases my dislike for Apple and their arrogance.
        That just made me realize how bloody retarded many of the changes in 7 are, because they confuse non-power users who were used to they way their iPad worked. Changing button looks, menu positions and icons etc. What a brilliant idea!

    1. The Facetime bug you mention is something I would expect to be fixed in an update (if it really is a big deal). That’s not something fundamental to the operating system.


      1. Except that people know what iOS 7 looks like before they upgrade. It’s not like Apple kept it a secret. It was heavily publicized, and on day 1, the internet nearly broke from everyone trying to download it.

        What I’m saying is that the percentage of iOS 7 upgraders with “buyer’s remorse” is probably very low.


        1. No, many didn’t know how crappy the UI was until we installed it. We didn’t watch videos of what to expect because we didn’t expect Apple to make so many drastic horrible foolish changes !
          Thankfully I used my damaged iPhone 4 as a guinea pig and since I don’t like 7 enough I left iOS 6 on my i5.
          Search the web, there are many more unhappy campers than you think

          1. If you search the web, you’ll find unhappy campers about everything. If there was a major uproar against iOS 7, we wouldn’t have to search the web to find it.


        2. I think the majority dislike 07. They just don’t post on MacDailey. When you look at the polls on my MacDaily with less than 7000 people. That’s not very much of a representation of the iPhone Community

          1. If the majority disliked iOS 7, every Apple-bashing IT blog on the web would be posting about it 24/7. It would be all any Apple follower was talking about.


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