Analyst: ‘Keep an eye on Apple’ in 2014; company on verge of a ‘breakout’

“Will Apple (AAPL) make investors a fortune in 2014?” Nathanael Arnold reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“In a recent interview with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Trading Advantage Senior Market Analyst Alan Knuckman called out Apple as a stock to watch in the upcoming year,” Arnold reports. “When asked if the markets could repeat the gains seen in 2013, Knuckman noted that it has been ‘a tragedy that people have not believed in [the markets] this year.'”

Arnold reports, “Knuckman also suggested that Apple may become an important market catalyst in 2014. ‘I think you want to keep an eye on Apple,’ Knuckman told Bloomberg. ‘As Apple goes, I think people’s fortunes will follow.’ The analyst also noted that the California-based company appeared to be on the verge of a ‘breakout.'”

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  1. “Breakout” defined as something more than “the most valuable company in the history of business” – or “the most profitable retail presence in the history of selling shit”? Wow – can’t wait to see this encore.

  2. Ha. That’s exactly what I thought. Funny. One version of that game had “invisible break out ” Where the wall would flash only the moment it was hit by the ball. It was very tough to break through but if you did break out it was visually intense with the wall lighting up every time it was struck. The old games were every bit as intense as the new games. Robotron is my ultimate favorite.

    1. My ultimate was “Spaceward Ho!”. Not a twitchy game but every bit as intense, in a different way. You sit there, waiting for the other players’ turn, sweating bullets. Then the message from Ursa Major as you see it turn into a crispy cinder, “You have no information. You were destroyed immediately.” Makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

      Who has played this?

  3. Yeah… a breakout under the beleaguered Tim Cook? Don’t think so. But… all the speculation now swirling throughout the tech world and along Wall Street that his days at the helm are numbered – then the breakout could become a reality. The day his “retirement” is announced, AAPL will celebrate. Go ahead – iCal this.

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