Best Mac software gems of 2013

“As the end of the calendar year nears, Macworld editors have been busy picking our favorite products of 2013. A couple weeks ago, we presented our Macworld Editors’ Choice awards to the best overall Mac- and Apple-focused products,” Dan Frakes writes for Macworld. “But here in the Mac Gems department, we also like to separately recognize the best inexpensive Mac apps we’ve reviewed over the past year.”

“As the editor who coordinates the Mac Gems section, and who spends lots of time searching for great, inexpensive Mac software, I see a lot of Mac apps each year. While our Eddy-award winners are anointed after a weeks-long process of deliberation involved the entire Macworld editorial staff, the Gems of the year are my personal picks,” Frakes writes. “These aren’t necessarily the highest-rated Gems of the past year—they’re the apps we’ve covered in Mac Gems that either did something especially innovative; offered exceptional value; or simply earned a place in my (or another editor’s) daily workflows. Here are 13 apps you should take a look at to see if they’ll fit in — and improve — your routines.”

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  1. Such Geeky choices (text editors, automations and launchers). Their 5% of the population bias shows and makes the list worthless to 95% of people. The time when users were slaves to making their computers work for them is over. These guys should convert to reporting on Windows (Microsoft still caters to people who work for their computers).

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