Apple’s new Mac Pro sold out

“Apple seems to be on a tear with its iPhones and iPads selling well,” Malcolm Manness writes for The Motley Fool. “Thursday, they added another new product to their lineup – the new Mac Pro, and it also seems to be off to a fantastic start.”

“The Mac Pro line has always been Apple’s high-end desktop computers aimed at graphics and video professionals, but the new model astounded the technical world with its revolutionary design,” Manness writes. “The new design is the first major upgrade in many years, the aluminum tower configuration having been originated in the PowerPC processor days. There is nothing like it in the marketplace, not just in design but also in specifications. Perusing both HP and Dell sites, I was unable to come up with any reasonable comparative systems.”

“It seems as though the professional community has been waiting eagerly for the release, because they are now backordered,” Manness writes. “By noon [on Friday] Apple was reporting delivery in February – even for the standard builds. Apparently, they are quite popular.”

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    1. Yeah. That very minor block of Mac users sold out the first batch of $4000+ Macs (after proper configuration) in less than a week. iPhones for what $99. So each of these is like selling 40 iPhones. Oh yeah and for the last F’ing time. These machine are performance machines they can do more than edit commercials for diarrhea medicine. They are great for doing engineering and science. Oh yeah and speeding up the design on new Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

  1. Oh no, and Apple won’t be able to make anymore, making tons more money, oh wait…

    This is what happens when you have a couple years worth of pent up demand. This too shall pass when, you guessed it, supply meets up with demand at some point. And demand for a company’s fantastic products is such a terrible problem to have isn’t it?.

    1. I agree, plus I think they (Apple) have less ability to “scale” on MacPro production (Chinese production is legendary for their ability to (quickly) ramp facilities, materials & personnel) I think with the US facility they will have far less flexibility in production numbers. (hence the rapid backorder date escalation) That plant can only produce so many per day, they can’t add on another for a few months till the initial demand is covered and then ramp back.

      1. The Mac Pro American manufacturing ramp up I think will prove to be a great learning experience for Cook & Company if it hasn’t already. And I mean that in a very good way. Eventually they might be able to deal with extra capacity as the Chinese do. But the extra capacity just seems to be an initial sales problem – too many lusting consumers chasing after too few new products made, despite efforts to make as many as possible.

        1. It may be that Apple just didn’t want any expensive inventory in house on Dec 31 for tax purposes. Or perhaps this was just their first real test run to adjust the assembly process and weed out any issues in both the production processes and the units themselves (so they wouldn’t affect a large number of customers)

  2. Remember when Ballmer introduced Windows 8 and he said in 12 months everybody will be using windows 8… I know 1 person who owns windows 8 as it came preinstalled on a new laptop but its been replaced with windows 7.

    Must be a dark mood around the Microsoft offices when Apple sell out of a PC that for the same price, you could buy 5-7 windows PCs

    1. But not with the same specs. The Mac Pro cannot be met specs wise without custom building a system. And for a closely comparable system you would have to buy a gaming PC which would cost you close to the same price. So no you can’t really buy 5-7 PCs for the same price. But I do get your real point and agree. Apple is growing. Windows is dying and in general the PC market is much cheeper.

  3. I’ve heard so many “know-it-alls” talking about how no one cares about the Mac Pro, how it’s ugly… etc. It surprises me how many technology pundits still don’t understand computers in general, and still don’t get Apple. They’re still living in the grey box Wintel world.

    The new Mac Pro is gorgeous. Apple has proven again that the tools we use everyday don’t have to be boring. They can be inspiring, pleasing to our general aesthetic, and even fun to use. The new Mac Pro is beautiful both inside and out. It looks like something created by an advanced civilization for some unrealized epoch.

    In addition the computer is powerful. While no good benchmarks are in yet, considering the combination of components, there’s no way this is going to be a slouch. It will set new standards for mass produced pro workstations. Professionals will flock to it.

    Some people have a problem with it. Some people find it ugly. I can only surmise that these people are the kinds of folks who love the typical “build your own” computer cases found at places like FRYS electronics or Walmart.

    Some think it’s an example of form over function. I suspect these people have not stopped long enough in their zeal to criticize, to consider the combination of stellar components in this machine, and how they will create a stunning synergy in which the whole will be far greater than the sum of its parts.

    Still others complain that they don’t have enough expansion ability. These people are incapable of seeing things slightly differently. The expansion ability for the machine is on the outside and not “in the box” where their thinking is.

    Others are upset about the cost when history shows we’ve paid far more for far less as computers have evolved. When you break the Mac Pro down, you’re clearly getting a bargain of a machine. If the cost of the Mac Pro is beyond your means, consider that it is not targeted at you. You’re probably the kind of person that can get by with an iPad.

    The only problem with the new Mac Pro? As usual, Mr. Cook, we can’t get our hands on one due to availability. Some are asking if this has anything to do with the machine being assembled in America. I hope not. Hopefully the constraints won’t last as long as the previous iMac fiasco.

    1. Many pros were worried about the lack of flexibility in choosing GPU cards and wondered if the GPU modules were even upgradeable. I don’t think anyone will find those GPU modules available from anywhere except Apple. Considering the good reviews, I’m not sure if that’s anything to actually worry about them not being powerful enough.

    2. Go check the review at The new mac pro is a RED Raw 4k beast. They added 18 Final cut filters rendering real time on a RED Raw 4k file with no frames dropped on a new 8 core model. That is huge and amazing.

    3. “…some people find it ugly…”

      Probably the same people who think Alienware computers look cool. Gawd, those things are butt ugly, and they just look some 5th grader tried too hard.

      I’ve had the pleasure of up close and personal time with a Cray mainframe. Seymour Cray felt the same way as Apple – make the machine beautiful too. It was.

      I wish I could even remotely justify one of these things. Maybe I’ll buy one anyway 😀

  4. Problems, problems, problems! All sold out and waiting for the supply chain to catch up with demand. I bet Microsnot/Blackberry/Nokia/HP/Motorola et al just wish THEY could have such ‘problems’!

    Can you imagine the MS announcement? “Microsoft regret to announce that demand for Surface and Surface RT has been so insane that we’ve sold 50,000,000 of the critters in the first 5 minutes, and the rest of you will just have to wait in line until we can churn more of them.”

  5. I ask my wife to by me the $9600.00 Mac Pro with the 4K monitor. She told me in my next life. The way Apple sold out so quickly I may have to wait till my next life. lol I tell you that is some piece of workmanship and power.

  6. “aluminum tower configuration having been originated in the PowerPC processor days”

    Only if you are looking at the outside case. The latest towers were complete redesigns on the inside with nothing in common from the G5 days.

  7. “Apple has proven again that the tools we use everyday don’t have to be boring. They can be inspiring…”

    Yep. I remember when the coloured iMacs came out and many self-appointed experts were saying how technically ordinary they were and how the colours were only a gimmick.

    Then one day I saw 3 of those “gimmicky” iMacs in a small office that previously hadn’t had them. I was amazed at what a lift that little room got from having such nice looking object s in it! Instead of plain old piles of paper, drab-looking walls, phone, pens, etc. there were, in the middle of it all, 3 gorgeous-looking objects that brightened up the whole room.

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