Now available: The all-new MacDailyNews 3.0 app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

MacDailyNews 3.0 app icon and download linkMacDailyNews is pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of our free MacDailyNews app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via Apple’s iTunes App Store.

This is no minor update. MacDailyNews 3.0 is all-new, built from the ground up by Empirical Development, a Colorado-based mobile development company that has created quality software since 2004, including work on iOS apps AP Mobile, Rhapsody, Whole Foods Recipes, and many other quality apps. If you need the services of an iOS and Mac development shop, Empirical Development is your answer. MacDailyNews recommended!

MacDailyNews offers our heartfelt thanks to Empirical’s co-founder Kyle Richter, project lead Joe Keeley, and everyone on Empirical’s design and engineering teams for the excellent work they’ve put into crafting this app. Simply put, working with Empirical on this project over the past few months has been a stress-free joy!

Much thanks also to our beta testers who helped us test this app while ensconced in cones of silence. (No leaks, thanks!)

MacDailyNews 3.0 for iPad
MacDailyNews 3.0 for iPad

With all-new article features, improved Notifications, easy ways to share, and many new feedback features, our new app is designed to deliver on our raisons d’être: “To scour the Web for articles that interest Apple product users, remark on the content of these articles, provide news about Apple Inc. and their products, and to opine about all things related to Apple. Most importantly, MacDailyNews exists to provide a place for our readers and the Apple community to discuss these daily news items in their own words with real-time feedback.”

We think you’ll appreciate the powerful simplicity of our new app. There’s a lot more than meets the eye.

We were very excited to work on the MacDailyNews project, most of our team members have been long time readers and supporters of the site, and we wanted to see an improved mobile experience ourselves. Partnering with MacDailyNews to bring the new MacDailyNews 3.0 app to the market was a very exciting process for us and we all wanted this mobile app for ourselves, it has earned a permanent place on my device already.

Our user experienced design team was able to redesign the app from the ground up and rethink how mobile content is digested. Particular attention was giving to the threaded comment system to make it readable, rich in content, and presentable on a small screen. The new MacDailyNews app directly integrates with the WordPress API as well as several methods outside of the API to turn the HTML content into rich native content for mobile.Kyle Richter, Empirical Development co-founder

MacDailyNews 3.0 for iPhone
MacDailyNews 3.0 for iPhone

The new MacDailyNews app offers much improved Push Notifications. When enabled, the MacDailyNews app will notify users when each new article is posted. The new Notifications display each article’s headline. When tapped, these new Notifications will now take you to the exact article within the app. To control the various aspects of notifications (Sounds, Alerts, Badges), on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Notification Center > MDN.

Features of MacDailyNews 3.0 include:
– Built for iOS 7 but works well on iOS 6.1 or later
•- Quick, up-to-the minute Apple-related news
– Infinite scrolling
•- Visited headlines, so you know what you’ve read at a glance
– Push notifications
•- All-new, easy-to-read clean design
– Dynamic font resizing
– Supports 4-inch iPhone 5s/5c/5 Retina displays
– All new custom comments
– Complete comment rating system
– New comments display and count
– Pull to refresh articles and comments
– Favorites
– Offline support, including offline comments
– Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, email, AirDrop)
– Full article display with dynamic Reader Feedback
– Complete poll integration
– Full support for Tags (search by tag words)
– Easy login screen for registered users
– Quick and easy Submit Story feature

We hope you like our new app and use it often. Update or download today!

MacDailyNews Note: 2:00pm EST: If your MDN app icon has a stuck badge count (this comes from updating the old app with a current badge count), quit the MDN 3.0 app (in iOS 7, double tap home button and swipe up on app) and relaunch it. When you click the home button, your MDN icon badge count should be reset. The badge count will also clear out when a new push comes in, as long as the app is open or if the push is “swiped” into. After a day or so the badges should be cleared out for everyone from the old app’s push server.

The MacDailyNews 3.0 app is available via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

We sincerely thank all of our app users for their patience. We spent a lot of time planning this new app, finding the right developer, beta testing, etc. We hope you think the new app was worth the wait! (P.S. Don’t forget to give us a review in the App Store!)


  1. Absolutely a step backwards for MDN. GET RID OF THE ADS!!!!!
    Give us a paid app that gets rid of the ads. And the column on the left used to be smaller bold blue type. Easier to scan for stories of interest. Now it’s all the same typeface and not bold. All the words blend together. Not as easy to scan.

    Why does everyone mess with success?

      1. I’d pay up to $3 to get rid of the ads. Think of it as going to a bar and buying MDN a beer to talk about Apple and get rid of the ads.

        Come to think about it, I’d pay $20 to get rid of them on the website. Especially that freaking, most annoying one at the very bottom. Might go as high as $25 to rid myself of that annoying crap banner.

        1. Click the “X” and the bottom ad is gone for the day. For free. It’s not that difficult.

          Unfortunately, some people are in love with complaining.

          Thanks for the excellent new app, MDN. FIVE STARS!

          1. That only works if you don’t get logged out after a certain period of time which happens. When I’m at work I can’t have MDN open all day to keep it active so it remembers I closed the ad. Plus I am often on different computers throughout a 17 hour day and don’t leave myself logged in on all of them. And it’s not unusual for me to check this site every few hours in a work day. Sorry I can’t be like you and leave it logged in and up all day on one computer.

            If it affects me in a negative way, then I’ll state my complaint, just as others do here. The side ads annoy less, but I detest that bottom one.

    1. I agree: I dint like thus new version. AT ALL!
      I want the ability to choose the Reader function that Safari has.
      I wasn’t to HD able to zoom in with two fingers like on the web mobile version (I disliked and did not use the previous MDN app — if felt too constructed, claustrophobic, unable to see larger text and more.)


    2. I can live with ads, but I’d certainly pay a buck to get rid of them. I certainly would prefer they remain in one place: it is incredibly annoying for them to bounce from the bottom to the top then back. It causes the text to move down the screen while being read. That one flaw, by itself, makes a reading app practically unusable.

  2. You already had the most complete Apple news source. Now you have given us the most readable Apple news source. Ignore any complaints, the improvement is fantastic.

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