Obama to meet Apple’s Tim Cook, other tech execs to discuss healthcare.gov website fiasco on Tuesday

“U.S. President Barack Obama will meet executives from leading technology companies like Google and Apple on Tuesday to discuss ways to improve the functioning of the health care website, HealthCare.gov, the White House said,” Steve Holland and Jeff Mason report for Reuters.

“A White House official said the meeting would cover capacity issues with HealthCare.gov which has not worked well since its since its October 1 rollout,” Holland and Mason report. “Many people who have had their private insurance plans canceled face a December 23 deadline to get signed up in order to have insurance on January 1.”

“It was unclear what Obama might learn from the technology company CEOs that have had little to do with healthcare,” Holland and Mason report, “but appearing with some of the biggest tech executives in the country could help convince Americans that Obama can fix the healthcare website’s problems.”

Holland and Mason report, “The meeting will include executives such as Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Twitter’s Dick Costolo, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, among others. Others include Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Comcast’s Brian Roberts, AT&T’s Randall Stephenson and LinkedIn’s Erika Rottenberg.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If yet another dog and pony show won’t fix it, nothing will. 😉

However, it would have been a much better looking meaningless waste of fscking time had they at least persuaded Marissa show up as a prop, too.


    1. So totally true. Even now, the topic has moved so far away from the actual news its scary.

      Point of fact, if Apple had of been given the task of setting up the ACA web site, it would be running top notch by now.

      I am pretty sure they used some version of windoz to run the site. Any guesses about that.??? lol

  1. Obama should hire Scott Forstall. He’s an incredible engineer and is experienced making very complex things happen and work on computers. He did a fantastic job getting iOS off the ground. With his interface expertise and Apple aesthetic, he has what it would take to get the healthcare site working, intuitive, and easy to navigate. If he’s bored and wants to do something cool for himself and the country, why not?

  2. Tim Cook is quite unwitting sometimes. It’s worrisome as a shareholder.

    This is nothing constructive, merely a cover for Obama’s latest 17-day vacation in Hawaii. He can say: “Look at all of the hard work I did on this, meeting with all these big name tech people. Of course, low-info voters, this is why I need yet another 17-day vacation in my endless string of taxpayer-funded vacations, dinners, and golf outings.”

      1. It’s just that Bush, and the Republicans were much more compitent than Obama, and were capitalists, not socialists… Let me remind you that Obama had no experience at all doing anything.. Cant even prove what he did at school, and being on the Harvard Law Review is more of an honorary roll if anything, Like Obamas ridiculous nobel peace prize… Bush had a great record as Governor of TX and, YOU remember nearly EVERY Democrat in congress voted to go to Iraq.. NO republican voted for the mess that is Obamacare.. Obama=Worst President Ever. I can go on,, Want to???

        1. I have lived in Texas for nearly 25 years. Bush was a crappy governor. You don’t know shit, and you make up crap. You must have been educated under the “Every Child Left Behind” policy. You can go on, but only a few of your fellow cretins on this forum would care. Go circle jerk with Fwhatever and his pals. You were spanked with a stupid stick when you were born and then given a chemical frontal lobotomy.

          1. Can you provide some justification why Bush was a poor governor of Texas without resorting to liberal talking points? Use examples that an average or moderate American would understand and agree with.

        2. Bush during his administrations was a joke. False wars. Inept anti-terror programs, ruining the once perfect economy.

          Bush even walked out during the brink of the financial crisis whereas Obama, even before he was president, called a meeting of financial leaders to stave off the crisis. Still president, Bush walked out!!!

          Being governor does’t mean you become a good president. How does one have any experience being president before they become president?? Do they go to president school?

          Democrats as well as republicans voted for the Iraq war not knowing they where being lied to.

          It is childish to say a “worst president ever” it is also pretty lame to criticize a president thinking you are somehow better. As bad as Bush was, I still respected him as our president. Americans calling themselves “Americans” and hating their president are pure hypocrites.

          Obama calling on heads of technology is doing what any responsible person would do to fix a technology problem. Sad to see people criticizing out of their pettiness.

          1. Bush wasn’t the best president, he ballooned the size of government, and no question that Iraq isn’t our finest hour, but whether we were lied to or not is a different story. Iraq certainly had weapons of mass destruction, that’s not really debatable. They were used during the Iran Iraq war and on the Kurds in the north. Since there were large amounts of chemical suits found in the military bunkers when we went in there, its likely that Iraq had them right up until we invaded and they were likely moved to Syria (where they were recently used). Still, I will concede that even with weapons of mass destruction, its not entirely clear that we were better off going into Iraq than not.

            However you said “wars” so you must be including Afganistan. Then what would your solution to September 11 be?

            As for your other points, Bush did a great job recovering our economy from Sept 11, which frankly was far worse than the minor problem from 2008 that Obama has managed to turn into one of the worst recessions in the history of the country.

            Obama has been an utter disaster, ballooning government, massively increasing government spending as measured against GDP, for almost no discernable benefit beyond Obamas corrupt circle of friends. We had corruption in the funding for environmental groups as well as the group that built the website for Obamacare, fast and furious when we gave guns to mexican drug cartel, IRS used to punish conservatives during an election, NSA spying illegally on Americans, going after Apple for invented scandal on ebooks, Benghazi, and recently the “selfie” at the Mandela funeral. He’s an unqualified, corrupt, and narcassistic prick who has no regard for the huge amount of damage he’s doing to the country as he prances around and plays golf.

            Bush was not perfect, at least he cared about the country. Obama has nothing but contempt for the country, its traditions and people. He is in any meaningful measure the worst president we have ever had. And now we’ve had him twice, which means the voters of the country are as dumb as they have ever been.

            1. While I have no love for Obama, your comment deserves some correction.

              There was NO reason why the USA should have gone into Iraq. None. There is no direct link to to the events of 9/11, and that of Saddam Hussein. Whether or not Iraq had WMDs is immaterial. So do a half a dozen rogue nations. But we do know, especially with news reports released this week that there were direct links to Al-Queda and the Saudi government. Yes, Bush betrayed the trust of the American people for our biggest oil trading partner.

              That being said, Obama is more unqualified than Bush ever was.

            2. They had weapons of mass distraction? I just looked up gullible on wikipedia and that had ‘twimoon1’ as a definition.

              Independent investigations around the world have shown the US to have deceived its self and its people with the US media’s help. Stop getting all your news from CNN.

        1. The actual president Obama knows the hidden miseries of the backsides of US towns. He WORKED in places most of the rotted politicians just pretend to ignore!
          You know: where these “losers” live in the dirt, while the “winners” brag in the benefits of their (only for them) “sweet capitalism”.

    1. When the President asks you to attend a meeting to help him with something, you go. Period. You may have absolutely nothing to contribute to help him, but you still go if for no other reason than you don’t want the most powerful man in the world mad at you. After all, he has the IRS.

    2. People think the issue with Obamacare is the website. The website is the least of its problems. It’s the economics from top to bottom that in the end will screw everyone that is the problem with Obamacare.

      1. It health insurance for all works in so many countries in the world that it is difficult for the right wing politicians to show how there will be anyone left out but that is not what they focus on: they focus on FUD.

  3. Tim,

    Steve would never have allowed himself or, especially, Apple, to be used by a prop by an empty-suited, lying, recession-prolonging, ignoramus who’s afflicted with crippling narcissism.

        1. Hmmm, true, but in true Steve Jobs fashion, many jobs did come to the USA in the form of Tech Support, Apple store personal, and new jobs in Sapphire production and Mac Pro production (and Cupertino employees and building trades).

          So, we are actually getting American jobs increased.

  4. MDN is overreacting yet again. Steve was very much involved in politics as he kept close relations with the Clintons and Obama during his first term. He would even advise them on various issues and offered hospitality in his vacation home.

  5. Even Apple can’t fix the problem with Obamacare that cancelled the plan that millions had and liked. Only a repeal can fix that.
    Ironically, if the trend continues, it appears that Obamacare will actually make more people lose their health insurance than gain health insurance.
    Most people oppose Obamacare. Polls show that most uninsured actually oppose Obamacare. What happened to democracy.
    Leave it to the narcissist-in-chief to stuff this unwanted piece of crap down our throats. Meanwhile, all his cronies are getting rich off of this colossally expensive program that we can’t even pay for.

    1. “Polls show that most uninsured actually oppose Obamacare.”

      Because they prefer not to pay for their own health insurance and want to rely instead on the rest of us to pay for their emergency room visit when they have a cold.

      But you’ve been convinced by the talk radio hosts that it’s cool to hate everything the opposition wants, whether it makes any sense or not.

      1. Wrong Zeke.. I actually really do hate Obama’s Policies, which are completely set on wealth redistribution… basic socialism… and please don’t embarrass yourself and go the road of calling the right “racists”.. glad you resisted. I hate Obama’s policy,, not his mother or fathers race.. but Libs will go down with this ship… it’s amazing..

      2. Wrong Zeke. I oppose being required to buy health insurance that my family doesn’t need or want. My current policy works very well for us.

        What I really oppose is the government making these choices for me instead of letting companies compete on equal footing across state lines. Government should not be creating marketplaces, government should simply be sure that the rules for the market are fair and that any company which wants to participate in the market plays by the rules. There is nothing that government can commerce-wise that a private company can’t do better.

        Do you really think government could build an iPhone? Can you imagine the Frankenstein monster and horrific quality that would result? We would all be praising our Samsung and Windows phones if that were the case.

        1. “What I really oppose is the government making these choices for me instead of letting companies compete on equal footing across state lines. Government should not be creating marketplaces, government should simply be sure that the rules for the market are fair and that any company which wants to participate in the market plays by the rules. There is nothing that government can commerce-wise that a private company can’t do better.”

          So you would be in favor of doing away with mandatory liability insurance for automobiles, as well as mandatory uninsured motorist coverage. You would be quite happy if someone who ran into you on the road a $100 per person per accident limit on their liability policy because you don’t want the government dictating minimum coverages, and they should be able to buy a policy with a premium they don’t mind paying. And you really think the interstate highway system should have been built by toll road companies, that all schools should be private schools, that utility companies should be unregulated, and that the post office should be replaced by private, for profit enterprise. Got it! The only problem with your “better than government” scenario is that people who need these services, but who don’t provide an adequate profit won’t have those services. We decided long ago in this nation that our society would provide certain basic services for the common good, like schools, highways, electricity, and postal delivery, even if some users had to subsidize the cost of providing the service to other users. It’s called civilization. Anything else is, at best, feudalism.

          1. Hey Zeke, why didn’t Obamacare address Tort Reform that has ballooned the costs of medical care? Was it about catering to the Democrats big donors versus doing what’s right by the American people?

            1. I don’t know. Perhaps you should ask Obama. Tort reform is a red herring anyway. It’s an excuse the insurance industry makes for high rates. Those handful of large settlements don’t really affect rates much at all.

  6. Hey, Barrack, hate to tell you but the website is the least of your problems when it comes to ObamaCare.

    For once, why don’t you man up, admit to making a mistake, do the right thing for America and scrap this debacle of a law and start over (this time with some actual common sense used)? Hey, a guy can dream!

    P.S. Enjoy your multi-million $$$ 17 days in Hawaii on our dime.

    1. zevfan, Sadly the republicans cannot come up with ANY plan for health care except to say that the poor should leave the country and leave it to the rich.

      Even on the economy, the only thing the republicans can do is vote 48 times to repeal the ACA yet not authorize road maintainence or other infrastructure efforts. So sad really.

  7. That’s right Tim! It’s Apple’s job to bail out the worst piece of legislation guaranteed to ruin this country even more side-by-side with the Liar and Chief who has destroyed marriage, race relations, world standing and the economy. Keep inserting yourself into politics and kiss your CEO position goodbye!

    1. Hmm. Maybe they should bring in Jeff Bezos.

      Amazon Prime Healthcare! FREE SUBSCRIPTION healthcare brings FREE DELIVERY (even by drone! Here’s your prosthetic leg, sir) thousands of STREAMING movies and preventative healthcare videos.

      I’ll tell ya, it’s easy to sign up— and all kidding aside, they are pretty easy when you want to cancel after free trial.

      Seems a perfect match for me. As long as I can keep my other healthcare. 😉

  8. Tim, please ask Obama about Cotegate.
    you know, the judge who writes her verdicts ahead of her trials and who installs personal friends as greedy monitors, so incompetent that they have to hire professional help, with a mission to disrupt any unrelated operation, and a license to spread trade secrets.

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