Apple iPhones, iPads on display at Shenzhen China Mobile store

“I walked by a China Mobile store (Link City in Shenzhen’s Futian district) on my way to dinner tonight and lo and behold, there were not only (a lot of) iPhone advertisements but also actual iPhones and iPads on display,” PRC and ME reports. “This was a first.”

“Advertisements on the wall showed what I believe to be discount pricing (probably with contract) of 4380元 ($723) for the iPhone 5s and 3380元 ($558) for the 5c,” PRC and ME reports. “Of the two display tables in the store, one was dedicated to iPhones and iPads and there was a pretty good crowd around the table as I passed by. Not only were there Apple advertisements all over the place, but even Phil Schiller was present, his A7 chip announcement playing on a flatscreen TV.”

PRC and ME reports, “A majority of the ad and display space in the store had been dedicated to Apple. If this is any indication, China Mobile is planning to aggressively promote their new Apple partnership in the hopes of blunting any advances from China Unicom and Telecom.”

Apple iPhones and iPads on sale at China Mobile store
Apple iPhones and iPads on sale at China Mobile store in Shenzhen (photo: PRC and ME)

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. In this store , it has a standing banner which says ” tin tin communication ” .

    It looks like a company which uses china mobile to promote but it is not china mobile .

    1. Could be a China Mobile subsidiary for all we know. Keeping costs low by utilizing small mobile footprint stores or outlets or kiosks to test the waters before a full blown rollout in the official stores. Just saying….

  2. Someone is an idiot. Does that look like a store for the largest mobile provider in China? It looks like a phone booth for God’s sake. Obviously, the camera can’t show everything, but the banner in the back with China Mobile on it…Really? That’s how they’d brand their store? What a dip. And MDN publishes this!

    1. This is what they call “the drowning man grabbing for straws.” In this instance it’s just one waterlogged straw. The Apple fan desperation is high at this point. I’m not going to try to guess what’s taking Apple so long to announce an agreement with China Mobile but personally my patience is wearing thin after having to watch these teasers day after day.

      Meanwhile Samsung is happily flooding China Mobile with a dozen different model smartphones at every price point imaginable and sucking up market share like a thirsty camel. Thanks, Tim Cook. You just keep making your equality speeches while Apple business goes unattended. Apple shareholders just love being left out in the cold.

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