Apple may be close to adding Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app to Apple TV

“Time Warner Cable incoming Chief Executive Rob Marcus said the company this week will add another platform to the list that can access its TWC TV app, which enables subscribers to stream live channels and watch videos on demand,” Joan E. Solsman reports for CNET. “Apple TV has been rumored all year to be next for TWC TV.”

“After starting out as a glorified Netflix streaming box, Apple TV has bulked up with some desirable channels — this year adding Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and Major League Soccer. While the addition of HBO Go in June made good on one content stream that was rumored to be in the offing, TWC has yet to materialize,” Solsman reports. “The TWC TV app is already available on Roku, Xbox 360, Samsung smart TVs, and iOS and Android devices, as well as on PCs.”

“Though Apple TV is the most likely platform for TWC to add, another high-profile possibility is Google’s Chromecast,” Solsman reports. “Chromecast has been slow to launch partners on its device though. Apple and Google representatives both declined to comment.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Woo hoo another useless app! These companies just do not get the modern age. Why does someone need to be a subscriber to TWC to be able to watch the content? I don’t have TWC in my area at all. Why not sell me a digital only subscription?

    These guys are like wagon wheel makers after the invention of the automobile. They are stuck in an old world. The only difference being they have large amounts of power.

    Even the ones that are smart enough to be on sites like Hulu don’t get it. Recently, I found out about a new show, and saw it was on Hulu. I decided to give it a try. However, when I fired it up, it only had episodes 4-8… So I didn’t watch. This means I didn’t see the ads that would make them money and I didn’t become a loyal fan. Pretty dumb.

    1. I assume this means if you’re subscriber to TWC Internet service you can run this app on ATV.

      How do you get your Internet? If it’s from a cable company then they’re allowing access to their content basically for free.

      1. No, you need to be a subscriber to TWC’s cable service. The idea is that this gives you access to HD cable programming on a second TV without the need to rent a second box.


  2. It’s not perfect but it gets rid of the cable box. It’s nice to be able to bring up live news from one of the major players on your iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch from any room in the house. They’re starting to allow you to watch SOME channels if you’re not connected to their network as well. Many channels are not in HD. Local channels are also not present, though you can get those for free, in HD with just an antennae.

    1. Not everyone lives under a TV station. Not everyone even lives near enough to one to get the signal with an antennae. Some of us are stuck with cable as the only option. 🙁

  3. Glorified Netflix streaming box? What’s the point of this snarky (and untrue) comment in an article which has some reasonable points? Do they think CNET will take away the guy’s breathing privileges if every article doesn’t have at least 1 anti-Apple crack?

    1. Perhaps there is a roving Internet Editor, subsidised by a nonprofit consortium that might be titled Fair Use Balanced Apple Reporting, providing free copy editing for all takers with the minuscule proviso that an innocuous phrase or two may be inserted, merely in order to help level the playing field hogged by Apple.

  4. ““After starting out as a glorified Netflix streaming box …”

    Bullcrap! I dumped Netflix and my Roku box because it’s all mostly just a bunch of junk. All I need is my AppleTV to rent movies and play music. The heck with all of those other crummy channels.

  5. Oh, please, please let this be true. I could get my TWC channels in HD on my bedroom TV, without having to pay for another box. This would be awesome. Between Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, the MLS app, and this new TWC app (plus the ability to stream video from my Mac), I would never have to watch anything but my Apple TV on that set!


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