6 new OS X Mavericks tips and tricks you might’ve missed

“OS X Mavericks has been out for a little while now but users are still finding hidden tricks and features in the newest iteration of Apple’s flagship operating system,” Brian Meyer writes for Apple Gazette.

“The biggest features were mentioned when the software was released, but a few have snuck through under the radar where you might have missed them,” Meyer writes. “Fear not, as we have scoured the Internet and Mavericks itself to find six Mavericks tricks you may have missed.”

6 New Mavericks Tricks You Probably Missed
1. Pin the Dock to the Corner
2. Hide The Menu Bar on External Displays
3. Moving the Dock to a Second Display
4. Mapping Contacts
5. Delaying Updates
6. Using Tags Effectively

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    1. The capability to store and use an electronic signature for PDFs was added in OS X 10.8, I believe. It has been around for a while.

      Preview has been gradually refined over successive versions of OS X. It is a very useful tool, and you can do quite a bit with it, including inserting and removing individual pages from a document.

    1. If that’s not clear, they mean pin the bottom of the dock to the corner. Usually the dock is centered on the edge or bottom.

      This isn’t new to 10.9 however. You’ve been able to do this using an OS X tool like Onyx or Tinker Tool since way back to 10.4 I believe.

      it’s my preferred position since it puts the Trash in the bottom right corner where it belongs. 😎

      1. Yeah, me too. I’ve been using Tinkertool since the very beginning, solely to position the dock in the lower right-hand corner. Each time Apple released a new version of OSX, I was surprised the hidden feature was left in. So now it’s finally not hidden? About time!


  1. They still have not fixed stuff broken by the update.

    Previously you could pin app shortcuts to your Finder window- a good place for things like Airport Utility, Terminal, Activity Monitor, etc. That has been taken away.

    If you did an upgrade they are still there, but you cannot drop the apps on the Finder menu on a clean install.

    Lots of stuff like that all over Mavericks.

    1. That’s not good. I’m going to have to do a clean install when testing in the future. It’s very odd that the shortcuts work fine in updated Mavericks installs. That suggests restoring the functionality should be very easy. I wonder if any of the Mavericks hack utilities have solved it.

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