Apple making a giant iPad Pro with Retina display to dwarf competitors?

“Rumours are spreading like wildfire online that Apple is drawing up plants [sic] for a GIANT iPad,” Rebecca Pocklington reports for The Mirror.

“Taiwanese-based manufacturer Quanta Computer is reportedly working with tech giant Apple on a new larger iPad to be released early next year,” Pocklington reports. “And according to rumour sites and the Korea Times, Quanta has landed orders for the larger 12.9 inch tablet for mass production.”

Digitimes jumped on the bandwagon too, but said the giant iPad would not be produced until the second half of 2014,” Pocklington reports. “Like the new mini, it would have Retina Display and better display and image quality.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be among the first to queue up for the MaxiPad™ if and when it debuts!

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      1. It’s not about having no vision.

        It’s about technical practicalities. With the current tech you could be talking about a device that is nearly twice as heavy as the current iPad.

        Plus this will be a niche product suitable for certain type of working styles.

        I have my own creative consultancy business and I can’t see myself using an iPad maxi/pro as I do a lot of standing up and talking – so the current iPad air is ideal.

        Plus you are looking at a $900 device – so the market will be very cliche for it.

        I can professional artists painting on it as a sort of desktop replacement, but even if they do they will go back to their Mac Pro as it had a far bigger screen connected and great processing power.

        1. I can see your logic but you are looking at things from the status quo. Fact is that MS is trying to win the tablet war with precisely this sort of product. Yes at present they are not totally convincing a concept but there is no doubt that forgetting true production professionals this sort of product can have a great deal of appeal in the home and even the office and studio where displaying work and concepts to clients and fellow workers without being tied to static computers could appeal. But in the home as tablets now replace laptops and desktops a larger screen will become increasingly desirable as it becomes your primary computer. Apple got caught out with phones with what seemed equal logic to yours and it would be madness to be caught out similarly in tablets if thy become the norm. As for weight and tech Apples chips are up to the job esp the next version and have you lifted an Air a tablet twice that weight with a 12inch screen would be no problem at all and much lighter than a laptop which remains its only realistic alternative and of course more expensive to boot.

          1. Microsoft’s customers are not apple customers.

            Apple is a piteous tech brand. People who buy apple product love great design and style, way to use gadgets and appreciate quality over price.

            The apple brand experience is unique.

            That’s the complete opposite to a Microsoft customer.

            1. At first I didn’t get it either – what he was writing, but he means a terrible “tech” brand. “Piteous” isn’t the word I would use to describe Apple as it relates to the “Techie” world, but he does.

              I fully understand the meaning, after reading it a couple of times. Apple doesn’t appeal to the majority of the techies (IT, build your own, support people etc) because 1. this is their lively hood, 2. they enjoy / want to configure things at the root level of a system and swap parts on the hardware as a matter of just doing it.

              The Windows world and MS did not create the MSWindows to be transparent but to be configured at all stages and confounding to the masses. Macs and its OS were built to be transparent to the end user for production and useability sake. Totally opposite philosophies.

              I DO disagree with Petey on the part about “Microsoft’s customers are not apple customers.” The IT, tech minded, and penny pinching, folks – yes. But the majority of the PC world purchased PCs because they 1. Had to, 2. it was recommended by a techie person they trusted. However, many of this bunch have finally learned that being powerful doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Many of MS’s customers have become and are becoming Apple customers.

            2. FYI

              piteous |ˈpitēəs|
              deserving or arousing pity.

              a piteous cry: sad, pitiful, pitiable, pathetic, heart-rending, heartbreaking, moving, touching; plaintive, poignant, forlorn; poor, wretched, miserable.

    1. With current tech, a larger iPad would probably weigh the same as an iPad 1, 2 or 3. Hardly a deal breaker, and for artists using apps like Paper, with their new Pencil stylus, I can see it being very popular, and for photographers, too; camera with Transcend wifi-enabled SDXC card, matching app on 12.9″ pad, fantastic for viewing landscape or studio shots as soon as they’re taken.

  1. It sounds interesting but I wonder why? What will a new huge iPad give someone that they can’t get now with either a Mac or an existing iPad? I feel like the ‘iPad Pro’ will require some new feature but I don’t know what it will be.

      1. …possibly. IF Apple’s fully ported OS X to the A8 (or blended them in any of many other permutations – including virtualization – allowing both to work).

        There’s also a chance that various industries are the prime targets, The SMB and Enterprise markets (along with education) can buy a lot of expensive devices if Apple has the best business case compared to existing solutions – and iOS has gotten them more penetration there (by far) than ever before.

        Apple can remain consumer facing while scooping more of the business and public sector business easier than MS can shake its poor consumer image and become “cool.”

        The question really is what could it be other than a big (and heavier) iPad? That just doesn’t seem to be enough.

    1. What will it be used for? That’s easy. Content creation, drawing, gaming, presentation, all will be better with a larger screen. Artists like me are drooling for a real digital sketchbook – and no it does not need OSX – iOS is fine when better apps are written to take advantage of the new size. The cool thing is that once it is created it will suddenly occur to everyone exactly where it fits in best.

      1. Microsoft says iOS will never be good for anything to do with business because it doesn’t multi-task like Windows does. I’m looking forward to seeing a touch-enhanced version of OSX on that large tablet. Not that I’d want it but I’d like to see Apple go up against Microsoft with something like that just to shut up their stupid yapping.

    2. IPad Pro… Yes, so you can really do some work on the thing… Why? because most kids, and general consumers have money for one device… with a useful file system, this works. I pray that Apple finally takes some post-Jobs chances.

    3. I can think of one reason why. It isn’t likely to be the real reason, but it works in a fictionalised version of Apple, one very like the image believed by many delirious fans.

      That reason is for Tim Cook, Bob Mansfield, Dan Riccio, and Phil Schiller to obtain blessed deliverance from the incessant caterwauling about too-small screen sizes. If they deliver a giant iPad, the screeching will die down EITHER because the babies finally get their big toy, OR because once they see it they realise how ludicrous was their petulant demand for something so awkward and unwieldy.

      Either way, the STFU message gets sent, and Apple execs get a reprieve from the whinging for perhaps a fortnight. It might be worth the lost profits for the restful lull.

      1. Nah,there is a market for this. A big market. I’m never quite certain why people are against change? What is personally threatening by someone succeeding? A larger phone or iPad is bad? How? Good thing Columbus didn’t feel that way.

    4. It’s for artists (Wacom artists), for proffetionals that need more screen estate for showing off their projects on the go, for dj as well for working on new more complex mixing… more

  2. Intel makes the best chips___ Not mobile, regular computer chips.
    I’m a big fan of the ol’ Amiga, and it’s custom chips.
    Why doesn’t Apple make a COMBO chip?
    An AMD/ARM or Intel/ARM chip could run iOS, AND OS X (11).
    One chip !
    ( It’s two, two, two chips in one.)
    There are already chips that combine 38x/ARM .
    Someone out there should like it because Apple is already working on that, … I hope.
    Could be made by Intel, or TSMC
    The only other thing is to make a custom ARM, that’s BETTER than anything Intel can make. Can Apple do that? Would you put an A7-8, in a Mac Pro running OS X?
    Am I the only one out there, that thinks Apple needs ONE chip for BOTH mobile and desktop ?

    1. I like the idea of one chip running both OSes, but I can’t ever see that happening with Apple. Apple has some funny ideas about separating device functions so consumers have two buy things instead of one. Although if Apple were to do something like that it would likely be a tablet or a laptop but never a desktop or a Mac Pro. In theory, a powerful Mac Pro could run iOS apps in emulation. Actually, I think such a dual-purpose device like that would mess up how Apple organizes its product line-up. That’s just how I see it.

      1. Apple has a great track record for transitioning an OS from one CPU to another, so I don’t see any reason why Apple wouldn’t be able to run OS X on ARM processors as well as IOS, or conversely, run IOS on Intel as well as OS X.

        Whether they would actually do that is another question. While I would like it to happen, I have my doubts, but for different reasons to you. Switching between two OS’s on one device could be rather clunky – see Windows 8 for an example.

        I would hope that Apple smoothly integrates the functions of the two operating systems so that users get the best of both worlds in one OS.

    1. OSX is not optimized / designed for a touch UI so I doubt it it will be OSX. If true, my bets are on an iOS-based laptop, where you can detach the screen if you want to use it in tablet mode.

      So if anything, it’ll compete with the Surface RT.

  3. if iOS devices are now running 64 bit, then they plan to give iOS a LOT more functionality. So maybe OSX is not and should not be in the cards for mobile touch based computing, just a far more powerful iOS.

  4. This one is a mixed bag for me. While I can see a lot of industrial applications for a 13″ iPad, I think the bulky size of the device may be too cumbersome to hold firmly in one hand rendering its mobility problematic. For the same reason Apple has not made a larger screen (width) iPhone, it’s not just about size but also about usability. As demonstrated, the current iPhone screen size is designed with the intent that a person can use it one handed and access the entire screen with their thumb.

    I’ve had each iPad release at one point or another and I can say of all the models I prefer the mini because I can easily hold and use it with one hand. I’m not saying Apple won’t make a jUMBOpad or shouldn’t make one. Nor am I saying it won’t sell, rather I just think it won’t be as popular from a post-purchase customer satisfaction standpoint as the mini has been.

    1. Graphic novels, if you please. Yes, the authentic experience of facing two open pages would be preserved, important in completing the aesthetic experience of this latter-day realisation of the oldest of the graphic arts, dating to Lascaux in France and even earlier indigenous Australian rock painting.

    1. Both Mike Daisey and the New York Times would have a field day with that — new reason to excoriate Apple for laying waste to the garden world Pandora and its unique biosphere, all for the sake of mining a rare mineral for crass commercial purposes, motivated by unadulterated greed.

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