Apple iTV unboxed and ahead of the curve

“Say Apple and you usually expect an iPhone concept, however this time around designer Martin Hajek surprises us with two unique Apple iTV concepts,” Yanko Design writes.

“The Unboxed and Ahead of the Curve [concept images] are conjured only to ask some relevant questions like, ‘Will there be an upgraded Apple TV box?'” Yanko Design asks. “Will it be in white and gold? Will it be curved?”


Apple television concept (designer: Martin Hajek)
Apple television concept (designer: Martin Hajek)

Many more concepts in the full article here.


  1. Leo Laporte of TWiT & Mac Break Weekly etc., has a 55″ curved OLED TV made by Samdung it’s “only 1080p” & cost him 9K!! His friend & Home Theatre Geek/Expert Scott Wilkinson: “.., Ideally, you should sit directly centered on the screen at a fairly close distance. Anyone else is in a compromised location. Granted, the off-axis performance of OLED is not degraded as it is with LCD, but the geometry of the image is strange. And if there is something reflected in the screen, like a light, that reflection is smeared out, appearing larger than it would on a flat screen.”…
    Curved screens might look cool but how practical are they?

    1. “Granted, the off-axis performance of OLED is not degraded as it is with LCD, but…”

      Wait… That is EXTREMELY misleading. The viewing angle of cheap PeeCee (Twisted Nematic) LCD monitors is severely compromised (particularly vertical)

      However… this does not apply to high end PC monitors, Apple’s monitors (& iMacs’s) and most all (nearly all?) of the decent (name brand) LCD TV’s, All of which have extremely good viewing angles both vertical and horizontal.

  2. Such extreme curvature may work for those viewing from straight ahead, but it is a show stopper for those of us who expect a wide viewing angle. Right now I’m watching my (Pioneer) Plasma some 45 degrees off axis. Were I to have such a curved display I couldn’t properly view the left side of the image.

  3. Everybody is talking about saphire for iDevices but how about saphire for iMacs or just Apple monitors. if apple wanted to make the monitors touch capable this would be the perfect covering.

    1. Saphire is extremely expensive to make, and current capacity is limited so much that even Apple’s latest investment wouldn’t produce enough for iPhones, let alone iPads, so think about how unlikely it would be for iMacs or monitors.

      Even then, how much of an issue is scratching currently on iMacs? Granted, people aren’t touching them much, but really, simple glass would be sufficient and a ton less expensive.

  4. No, it will not be curved. You don’t want to turn a viewing device into a concave mirror. Really bad idea. You don’t curve stuff just because you can. You curve stuff if it adds functionality. In this case, curving adds dysfunctionality.

  5. Enough already. I hate what Gene Meunster hath wrought. It’s a fantasy, but even worse, fantasy has begat expectations. If App,e does not produce a TV, and I remain extremely skeptical that the company ever would, pundits and analysts will attack, (“Apple was downgraded after analysts expressed disappointment t hat the company has fallen behind by not producing an expected smart. TV…”) and wailing will ensue.

    That’s why I hate fantasy fanboy illustrations like this. And it’s why you should too. Wish all you want, but a TV could quickly be commotitized and copied. That is not what Apple does. Unless the company can create a product that gives it a head start on shameless copiers, allows for a durable advantage, high profit margins, don’t expect Apple to get into the game.

    Don’t feed the monster created by Gene Meunster. You’re only feeding an analyst’s ego. Let Apple be Apple. Don’t let an analyst get his way.

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