Microsoft looks ready to kill off Windows RT

“Microsoft looks ready to kill off Windows RT, its version of Windows devised for chips based on ARM’s architecture, judging by remarks by senior executive Julie Larson-Green,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian. “Larson-Green, who is executive vice-president of Devices and Studios at Microsoft, said that the aim of Windows RT was ‘our first go at creating that more closed, turnkey experience [that Apple has on the iPad]…’ but that Microsoft now has three mobile operating systems: ‘We have the Windows Phone OS. We have Windows RT and we have full Windows. We’re not going to have three.'”

“Her comments, made at a UBS seminar, appear to confirm the growing suspicions that Windows RT has been a failure both with OEMs PC makers and developers, who have all but abandoned it,” Arthur reports. “Only Microsoft and Nokia’s handset division, which is being acquired by Microsoft, make any RT devices. Microsoft had to write down $900m at the end of the June quarter on unsold Surface RT devices.”

Arthur reports, “Richard Windsor, who runs the Radio Free Mobile consultancy, commented: ‘I suspect that there will be no Surface 3 and no successor to the Nokia 2520 [an 8in tablet running Windows RT]. Furthermore I am confident that RT will be quietly put to sleep during 2014.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once again, unreliable Microsoft teaches its few remaining pigeons a valuable lesson:

Erratic Microsoft will pull the rug out from under you at any time (Zune, Kin One, Kin Two, Surface RT, Windows RT). Do not risk your hard-earned money on clueless Microsoft’s dead-end products because scatterbrained Microsoft most certainly will Osborne you sooner than later.


As we wrote as presciently as usual, over 16 months ago on July 10, 2012:

Is it just us or is instilling confidence among potential tablet buyers and app developers not one of Microsoft’s strong points? Microsoft’s patented method of wildly over-promising and woefully under-delivering just isn’t going to cut it in this new Post-PC world that Steve Jobs hath created.

Watching this Surface debacle unfold is like watching a clown car empty out. At the end, a sweaty Ballmer T. Clown will pop up through the moonroof and scream, “Ta da! It was all just a big fat joke! No, no, no, not me, the Surface!” Then, after laughing maniacally and for far, far too long, he’ll pop a light bulb into his mouth and wander aimlessly offstage…

Stay tuned, there are a lot of clowns packed into that old car.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Eric D.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Of course Ballmer made all precisely the wrong moves. First he didn’t use the Windows Phone OS as the basis for a tablet and second there is little advantage using full blown Windows on a tablet than a far less expensive laptop with a better keyboard. He of course completely misses the reasons the iPad is a success and Surface in any form will never be. And fatally he has shown one too many times they cannot be trusted to maintain support of a new device for long. Consumer trust has just gone bye-bye.

  1. This has got to sting. If you’re a Microsoft kind of person that is. For me, I’m enjoying all the hits – the ones they are taking, cause they certainly aren’t producing any.

  2. I wonder when will Apple kill off the atrocious iOS 7. The sooner the better I say. Can’t say anything good about it except it’s a UI disaster of epic proportions.

    1. Following other threads it appears you don’t like iOS 7 (it’s atrocious and gay).

      Perhaps the other MDN readers would be interested in your credentials for making such comments – your years in developing iOS applications perhaps? Or maybe your time at an anti-gay therapy organization?

        1. A quick question, “How” and others:

          How can Apple–and you–justify not allowing me to revert/downgrade/restore (whatever) to iOS 6 on my 128GB iPad if I don’t find iOS 7 exactly to my liking?

          I spoke with an AppleCare rep today, and he was most understanding of my rabid objection to this unethical–perhaps even actionable–practice of Apple’s prohibiting me from running the operating system version OF MY CHOICE on my device.

          Why must I be forced to endure what THEY think is best for me? Was iOS 6 so awful, so indefensible that–for my own good–I cannot be permitted to return to it?

          Your thinking, please?

            1. I would apologize for my post, Mel, if what you said were true . . . BUT IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT! I am fully backed up on my 10.6.8 iMac (completed moments before transitioning), but under NO circumstances can an iOS 7 iPad be reverted to iOS 6. Telephone calls to AppleCare reps and face-to-face meetings with Apple Store geniuses have made this abundantly clear.

              Your ignorance and rudeness are pathetic, sir. In your case, I’m sure the latter springs forth in abundance from the former.

              Wise up.

            2. Tyrell… Tyrell… Tyrell… Chill man.

              If you really want iOS 6, I suspect a developer will give you an image to download. I wonder.. Can you go back? Haven’t tried, but you should give it a go.

              Second.. Q for you? Why do you feel you should have a choice? No, honestly, why? Is it because you just want one? Why should any manufacturer of any product be required to give you a choice?

              I want a super rocket tied to my pinto.. Damn Chevrolet for not giving me that option. Damn them.

              So. Yes. We know your opinion about iOS7. You’re welcome to it and to share it. But the product is what the product is. Enjoy it, or simply move on and relieve your stress.

            3. Then perhaps you shouldn’t have upgraded to iOS 7 before going to an Apple Store (or AT&T, Best Buy, etc.) and trying one out to see if you would like it. You certainly had to know it was a radical UI change.

              And your rants about not permitting you to downgrade to iOS 6 as being unethical and/or actionable are laughable. No one forced you to upgrade. No one asked you to. Apple made it available (for free) to anyone who wanted it, but your iPad would continue to work just fine on iOS 6 should you choose.

              And choose you did. Now take responsibility for your lack of investigation prior to installing what you knew to be a sweeping UI change and live with it.

            4. True, an iPad 7 can’t be reverted back to 6. Tried everything short of jailbreaking the machine, but when it comes to verifying the older install with apple via wi-fi, it’s “no go.” Can’t do it. Not allowed.

          1. I dint think this is true. My local apple dealership told me they help people who want to downgrade. They also said that after working with the people who want to downgrade they usually change their minds. Anyway, I think it I’d possible to downgrade so you might look further into it. Good luck!

    2. What don’t you like about it? I find it works for me. I had to change the way I do some things but I don’t find it so difficult to do that it bothers me. Fwiw I liked skeuomorphism. Anyway, elaborate.

    3. On the contrary, iOS7 is a masterpiece of UI design. Faster to learn, less fiddly, and a big improvement on iOS6 (unless you’re wedded to velvet and fake wood-rain). As just one example, try using Compass as a spirit level: unmitigated genius!

  3. So apple has 3 OSes? Mac, iPad and iPhone?
    Why don’t they just say “We are going to stop this bleeding canceling this big flop that was Windows RT”
    Their problem is not too many OSes, their problem is too many dumb assessssss.

  4. As usual, Microsoft has it backwards… What Microsoft needs to do is focus “RT” on being a mobile OS, for tablets and phones. The new CEO should then apologize to long-time customers for the Windows 8 kludge, and release a version of full Windows that does NOT ignore (and even insult) DESKTOP computer users, who want nothing to do with touching the screen.

    The OS that needs to be abandoned is the PDA-class Windows Phone. It will be easier to downscale RT for phones, compared to propping up an OS called “Windows Phone” to work on tablet-sized devices.

  5. Like I have said in other comments defending my Surface RT purchase. Been VERY-HAPPY!!! I also own many Apple products and a few Android ones. They are ALL good platforms and people who “Mock” one or the other are just HOPELESS fanboys.

    I can’t understand why anyone has a problem with Win RT???!!! Or Win 8 for that matter. I always look forward to using my products and NO ONE product is perfect. NOT ONE…

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