Apple iPhone and iPad assembler Foxconn said to plan Pennsylvania investment

“Foxconn Technology Group, the Taipei-based maker Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad, plans to announce an intention to invest in Pennsylvania, according to Taiwan’s economic office in the U.S.,” Brian Wingfield and Romy Varghese report for Bloomberg News.

“Foxconn flagship company Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. intends to invest in a machine-tool automation manufacturing plant and research and development facility for robotics, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter,” Wingfield and Varghese report. “Foxconn has 1.6 million workers globally, including factories in California and Texas that make partially-assembled products such as servers, Louis Woo, a company spokesman said at the time.”

“No site has been selected yet for the new Foxconn facility as the discussions are in ‘the very early stages,’ Steven Kratz, a spokesman for Pennsylvania’s Community and Economic Development Department, said by telephone. The company isn’t pursuing state assistance, he said,” Wingfield and Varghese report. “Foxconn officials are planning a project involving an investment of about $30 million that will employ 500 people over two years, Kratz said. The company already has a facility in Harrisburg, the state capital, which employs 30, he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. How many times can that be used? Here’s what we hear depending on what trouble Apple is having on any given day……The extra money will be used for Apple to build iPad Air screens at Samsung, as well as Legal fees to pay the 100’s of lawyers, plus extra money it will take to build A6’s at Samsung, plus …… Just how many times can that money be used?

    1. Truth is that money is only paying for legal fees and making more lawyers wealthy. The only thing Apple needs is a ban on Samsung products. It will be 2018 before the supreme court hears this appeal and by then we won’t be using smart phones anymore.

    1. Amen.

      Corruption capital of PA! Featuring a cast of characters convicted and in jail, over 30 public officials in the last few years.

      Crooked judges, state senators, state reps, high profile lawyers, county commissioners, courthouse managers, union officials, school boards — just to name a few.

      Stay far, far away from the largest area industrial/real estate developer Mericle properties. The connected owner testified to accepting millions of dollars in bribes.

      Lastly, the finances of the city of Scranton are in severe distressed status for over a decade and right now on the verge of collapse.

    2. Returds!

      How long can voters in Scranton go on and keep electing the same degenerate Dems to only continue the same pattern of dysfunctional dominance at the expense and pocket proliferation of taxpayers?

      Better yet clueless NEPA voters and stated in a way you should be able to understand. How long do you have to hit your head against the wall before you figure out it hurts?

  2. Please let us not confuse Foxconn with Apple. Foxconn is a Taiwanese manufacturer who counts Apple as a client, but who also builds HP crap and Android crap, and any other crap they can get their hands on, and who is responsible for the worker unrest in China that Apple gets blamed for. Let’s not make this out to seem like Apple is suddenly building their products in the US. One can measure Foxconn’s American employees in the 100s, and Chinese in the 100s of thousands.

  3. So, an iPad with 32 GB of memory is $100 more than the 16 GB model? And the 128 GB model is $300 more? Just for memory? R u kidding me? What does apple pay for the memory? About a tenth of that? It’s like buying a printer for dirt cheap and then going broke on buying ink!!! Ridiculous how much they charge!!!

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