Samsung says Galaxy Gear stupidwatch sold 800,000 units in 2 months

“Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday its Galaxy Gear has become the world’s most popular smartwatch with sales reaching 800,000 since its debut two months ago, defying some market concerns the accessory would fail due to a lack of compelling features,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“Samsung has poured marketing resources into the Gear with heavy advertisements and collaborations with fashion shows to seize leadership in the wearable computer market after the device got off to a rocky start after being critically panned by reviewers,” Kim reports. “Well-known tech reviewer David Pogue, who recently left the New York Times to start a new consumer-tech web site at Yahoo, described its design ‘inconsistent and frustrating’ and recommended nobody buy it.”

“The product marks Samsung’s latest attempt to prove that it is more than just a fast follower in innovation behind Apple Inc,” Kim reports. “The Cupertino California-based firm is widely speculated by media and analysts to be working on wearable device”

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MacDailyNews Take: With the plethora of morbid stupidity stumbling about the world today, we’d have guessed higher. You know, the reviews were so, uh… strong.

Now, since our hope for the future of humanity springs eternal, is this sold to consumers (for them to put in a drawer forever after week one) or is this “sold” into the channel, i.e., shipped?

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    1. thats what I was thinking. Its also funny how they come out with this number after several reports start circulating on how badly it was doing. Being Scamsung, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is proven as false in the near future

    2. It’s rather strange that Samsung are rather vague about the precise figures sold for other devices, such as smartphones. They usually brief a few analysts in private and each analyst then conjures up a figure of their own.

      A company with nothing to hide would simply state that they had sold a certain number of devices. On the other hand, if your way of doing things is to cheat whenever possible, inaccurate numbers might well suit your purposes and there is no shortage of people who are dumb enough to believe you and not ask for clarification.

    1. I asked what I asked because of this: when the iPhone first came out I was “mid-contract” with a Razr phone. Within a month, several of the people I knew bought a iPhone. They were immediately recognizable and everyone loved their phone. I liked the voice quality and the small size of the Razr but the “data” part SUCKED and I canceled my data portion of my contract. I could get email and send “text only
      ” text messages but no internet.

      When my contract was up, I got a 3G and never looked back.

      So far “Galaxy Gear” hasn’t matched this in any way.

    2. I’ve seen lots of “Jawbones”, several Nike “fuel” bracelets, one Google “Glass”(he is a “developer” and gave it back) and I even saw a “Pebble” in a bar (but didn’t get a chance to talk about it).

  1. Interesting how the comments section already reads, “This discussion is now closed. We welcome comments on our articles for a limited period after their publication.” It has no comments, has only been up 4 hours, and other articles posted later still have comments open. I wonder if Samsung astroturfers were spamming the site.

    Also wonder if the tech reporters will question how many of the sales are sitting in warehouses, versus sell-through.

  2. Shoving product into the market without actual customer sales is meaningless to the market. As a well known dishonest company, Samsung consistently hides or fiddles its numbers. I want to see the profit their stupidwatch earns for the company in the current quarter.

    Meanwhile: BFD Samsung. Pull a quarter out of my ear.

  3. If you are going to mess with a Samesung watch then prepare to jail break it to make it decent. Once you jailbreak you have an Android device on your wrist with 4 gigs of storage and you can side load android apps on it.

    In stock form its pretty much DOA

    1. Really, really?
      Once you take the trouble to root the device you have a severely compromised android device with a tiny screen and generic ‘roid with no interface optimizations to deal with the extremely compromised screen (and likely extremely limited battery life with an unoptimized version of android)? And even overlooking all that at it’s best it’s still just a ‘roid piece of crap.

      Jailbreak? If you do strapping a total piece of poo to your wrist, you will be.

          1. I think samsung knew this “smart watch” was a piece of crap and that virtually no one would actually want it.
            In most all cases they (samsung) don’t actually design or innovate anything, but they the wanted to get -anything- out no matter how bad, as a “placeholder”. Then they could just copy the Apple device they though was going to be announced shortly.

            This crap demonstrates just what samsung phones would be if they didn’t have the iPhone to copy (this is throughout most of samsungs products. Most all are just rip-offs of existing products (I think Dyson is currently suing them for IP theft but the list goes on and on)

            Samsung has no imagination little innovation and no taste. They simply make rip offs of others designs and innovations and figure they can make enough money before the courts make them cease. And so far, this has been working pretty well for them.

  4. What a load of Samsung Crock. Soon as that 50K sold report comes out Samsun finally releases the sales number of the StupidWatch…. Sure Convicted Samsung…we believe you…. NOT!

  5. Remember, in the recent patent trial between Apple & Samsung, Samsung stated that the number of phones it actually sold during the period in question was actually half of what was reported. So the stupidwatch is probably right in there with the same lies.

    1. I actually did see one on the wrist of a local high school basketball coach. I had to ask what it was; he didn’t seem embarrassed at all – but also didn’t offer to show me how it worked.

  6. Let’s get this corrected;
    Samsung have shipped 800,000 units (shipped / sold may have got lost in translation).
    50,000 potentially have been sold, of which, current 49,999 are in the return channel, and the remaining 1 is being lined up for “will it blend?”.
    There is around 750,000 stuck in the long supply chain, which Samsung do not have any real view of.
    If 800,000 had really been sold, I think I would have spotting at least one in the wild. After just 100,000 iPod sales, they became noticable on the London Underground.
    Maybe MDN needs to launch a Spot the Gear competition!!

  7. According to other reports Samdong has only sold 50,000 units of dumb watches since its launch in September. I think the 800,000 is only a shipped number, not a sold number.
    Samdong has been proven a liar over and over again so anything they say I would take it with a micro sized grain of salt.

  8. Funny -I have a Pebble and have seen plenty of them in the wild but I have never seen one of those Samsung’s in the wild.
    BTW was down to the local Apple store and the place was packed and had to wait 15 minutes to get help buying a part .
    On the way out I saw the MS Surface Kiosk which had 5 service reps but there was only one customer who looked homeless-the Kiosk was close to the food court and I think that he was trying to score a meal .

  9. I don’t believe Samsunk sold that many stupidwatch. What I believe is I didn’t see anyone wearing it so far, or maybe there is but too embarrassed to show it…

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