Apple’s Siri claimed to support Ron Paul

“‘Siri, what are your political views?'” Alex Heath asked for Cult of Mac.

“You’d think that Siri would answer that question with a clever quip about how she doesn’t take sides, but no, she has an answer,” Heath reports. “And it’s not what you would think.”

“For some odd reason,” Heath reports, “asking Siri her political views will take you to Ron Paul’s Wikipedia page every time.”

Read more, and see Heath’s Siri screenshot, in the full article here.


MacDailyNews Take: Not so. Heath reported his finding at 1:18 pm PST. For us, at 6:51pm PST, iOS 7 Siri returns:

Sarah Palin Wikipedia

Just kidding!

Here’s what we really just got:

Ideology Wikipedia

Looks like Apple neutralized this issue quickly.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Only those that believe what they read in the media actually believe that Ron Paul is a joke. If you take a look at his principals and positions you will understand that he is NO joke. However, because he upsets both Democrats and Republicans, it is easy to label him a joke.

      I used to think the same thing, but once I took a closer look I found out that the real joke is today’s media. Even if you don’t agree with his positions, once you understand him you would at the very least respect him.

  1. If you click the link, one of the comments (at the time I looked it was the only comment though) explained that wikipedia has RP as the first one listed, which is why it showed up.. And it looks like it was Wikipedia’s issue.

    Either way, you have to admit it is funny.
    Joke/jab or accident, it’s funny.

  2. Oh ron Paul is great. Smart man. He may not have the ability to lie and make people believe him like obummer but at least he is a man who knows what he is talking about. After all no one else can say hey look what i said 20 years ago it came to pass or what i said 5 years ago it came to pass.
    IM glad people think that someone who knows what to do to get us out of our situation and grow the economy is a joke. I guess the iddiot in office who has run our country into the ground is great?

    1. Ron Paul “may not have the ability to lie”, but neither does he have the ability to form a useful economic policy for the country. OMG, yes, his predictions of inflation really happened!! Not.

      1. Wait until the Fed stops printing $ 80 billion dollars per month and see the dollar collapse. The world is already running away from the dollar, knowing that the Nigerian Ape’s ponsi pyramid will collapse.

        The blabbering chimpanzee just added 1 Trillion dollars in debt last month.

        1. “…Nigerian Ape…”?
          “…blabbering chimpanzee…”?

          I always have mixed feelings when loser bigots identify themselves oh so easily:

          On the one hand, it is fun to see them self-nuke.

          But at the same time, it is sad and disappointing to be reminded that there still are racists in the USA.


          1. Interesting, aside from your juvenile name calling.. you also don’t even understand the roles of government!!!! ONLY THE CONGRESS (Senate and House) HAVE THE POWER TO APPROPRIATE MONEY FROM THE TREASURY. The President can only spend the money in the manner prescribed in the LAW THAT CONGRESS WROTE TO APPROPRIATE IT.

            So unless they write a law authorizing the President to spend what ever he wants on whatever he feels like.. its BS!

        2. You mean the white republican Christian’s (Bush) ponsi pyramid. He is the one that cut the nation’s income (taxes) than started two wars and medicare prescription without a means pay for it and sent this country’s debt to astronomical heights. A debt we’re still paying for.

          We, the US had to borrow money because of our reduced income and added expenses that no republican had a problem with until the President Obama came into office. Then it the republicans began saying , hey stop spending my money.

          Tell me, what exacting did we, the US purchase for this 1 trillion dollars last month?

          1. You lie. Like Obama.

            When Bush took office, he inherited a U.S. debt of $5.807 trillion (55% of GDP) from the Democrat Clinton, a worldwide embarrassment. (You remember: “I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people.”)

            After the 9/11 terrorist attacks worsened the 2001 recession, the War on Terror, etc. G.W. Bush left office 8 years later with the U.S debt at $10.025 trillion (68% of GDP).

            Obama took that U.S debt of $10.025 trillion (68% of GDP) and, within the first 4.9 years of his “administration,” increased it to $17.204 trillion (104% of GDP).

            1. DId you here that folks, Clinton was solely responsible for the 5 trillion dollar in US debt. I guess we had no president’s before Clinton or all of them were able to balance the budget before leaving office.

              You may have heard of Reagan who took the US into the trillion dollar debt fro the first time by cutting taxes. US debt always increases under republican rule after they cut taxes.

              Bush left office leaving Obama with:

              Over 5 trillion dollars in US debt

              Two wars not paid for, bleeding the country dry financially and emotionally that were funded under emergency fund act and not part of the US budget.

              A US auto industry that required rescue of tens of billions of dollars before by Bush left office.

              A massive unemployment rate that shoot up for 8 straight months before Bush office and continued well into the Obama administration.

              Needing to extended unemployment and welfare benefits for years because of the massive amount of unemployed people not to mention all those injured war vets that now need a life time of care.

              Prescription drugs under Medicare that were not paid for.

              Bush tax cuts that are at the heart of the problem that unfortunately Obama extended for a while.

              A 1.2 trillion dollar deficit Bush left for Obama. Guess what, deficits continue to rise unless you pay it down. You can’t do that if Bush reduced the country’s ability to do that because he lowered the US’s income (taxes).

              A $700 billion dollar bail out of US banks under Bush.

              The US gov’t shut down by the house republicans that tried to blame the park rangers for closing public parks.

              Then’s there’s interest on those trillions of dollars of debt compounding.

              President Obama had to lend an addition $40 plus billion to the US auto industry as well as a $800 billion dollar US bail out to the country as the country was headed into the big financial crapper.

              That’s how we went from 5 to 17 trillion dollars in barely four years.

            2. Obviously you can’t do math..
              10-17 trillion in 5 years, not 5-17 trillion in barely 4 years.
              Remember Barry’s bashing of Bush for raising the debt 5 trillion in 8 years?… but it’s ok for HIM to do so in 4…

              Bush was no saint, but remember who controlled the money in his last term. (not republicans if you can’t figure it out)

              Reagan had the same problem, for every $1 he cut.. the Dems spent like $1.70
              READ history for once, taxes were cut.. we had a HUGE revenue income stream, unfortunately the house Dems also saw that.. and decided to spend even more than we took in.

              You can’t spend yourself into the black. You don’t do it at home…

              there is no reason for a bailout, ever. if you FAIL on your own.. giving you more money will not solve the issue.
              I disagreed with them then, still do.

              As much as i don’t like Ford, they are the only US manufacturer left.

              You did read the orders TO the park rangers to “make it as uncomfortable as possible” right?

              Ted Cruz was right, always has been. What he warned about, even the Dems are realizing and agreeing with now.

              Even JFK agreed that Tax Cuts are the better course of action. We don’t have an INCOME problem.. we have a SPENDING problem. And sadly BOTH sides are to blame.

            3. Thank you, but that is called a typo. It should have been:

              “That’s how we went from 10 to 17 trillion dollars in barely four years.”

              You really need to read my comment, for the first time. Bush had

              -enormous unfunded expenses off the books including wars and medicare expansion.

              -lost income for the US because of high unemployment beginning in 2008 and tax cuts.

              -enormous unfunded expenditures for unemployment, welfare, War, vets, US auto bailout and bank bailout.

              -interest rates on this massive debt compounding.

              You cant fiscally appropriate 7 trillion dollars in 4 years.

              A civics lesson for you, during that period the Dems controlled the House but not the Senate. In the Senate controlled is 60 votes out of 100 which the Dems did not have. And republicans filibustered all the time so they had more control than the Dems.

              Reagan cut taxes twice. The only thing he raised were fees to try to offset tax cuts. Under him we went from about $700 billion to over a trillion in debt by the time he left office. You should really stay away from the Rush Limbaugh school of history.

              There’s no better definition of “SHAMELESS” than to have a white republican congressman stand in from of a park ranger who isn’t being paid to demand that he re-open the park that that congressman voted to close while the camera is rolling.

              You can cut you way back to black unless you prefer to live in the street. Why don’t you quit your full time job and get a part time job paying a lot less while trying to maintain your lifestyle in addition to taking on more debt. That’s what the US did under Bush and the republicans.

              History shows under republican rule when taxes are cut the US debt explodes. I suppose you believe that Clinton didn’t have a surplus after he left office.

      2. Have you been to a store and purchased anything with Federal Reserve Notes lately? If you have, you would see the inflation. Of course the way that the Feds measure inflation, there is none. Would they want it any other way?

        Please under stand how the Federal Reserve System works before you denigrate the views of a very smart man.

  3. AHHHHH LOVE watching the empire collapse!!!
    The Repugnicans are making sure of that. As for Moe Ron Paul he’s just another hopeless psycho-bitch ArYaN Rand created sociopath zombie with absolutely nothing to offer for his fellow man since he is oh too occupied staring lovingly at his own belly button the centre of his universe. Be gone succubuses, sycophants and vampires of the world be gone.

    The more I know the monied class the more I understand the guillotine. GBS

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